CS523 - Readings in Artificial Intelligence

Instructor: Mehran Sahami
Quarter: Winter, 1996
Time: MW 11:00 - 12:15 (unchanged)
Room: Gates 167 (new room!)
Units: 3
Grading: S/NC

Contact Information

Class web page (this page): http://robotics.stanford.edu/~sahami/cs523/cs523.html
Class mailing list: quail96@cs.stanford.edu

About the Class

CS523 is a seminar class which discusses a series of seminal papers from all areas of Artificial Intelligence. The class is primarily intended for PhD students who are thinking of taking the AI qualifying exam at any point in the future, as the readings come directly from the AI qualifying exam reading list. Advanced undergraduates and masters students with a strong interest in AI are also encouraged to attend to get more of a perspective on research in the field. Prerequisite: CS221 or equivalent.

An on-line tentative syllabus is available.

The seminar will include: