Stanford PoDo Cat


Hi, my name is PoDo, which means "grape" in Korean. I'm a cat. I was orphaned when I was young (I don't exactly remember how) so I'm not exactly sure how old I am, but I'm probably a couple of months younger than my companion, DooBoo. Certainly I'm a lot smaller than him. I love DooBoo dearly but that boy likes to eat way too much. I myself an completely addicted to Pounce Treats, I admit, but I do try to watch my figure.

The above picture is me in my favorite sleeping spot-- a shoebox.

After living on the streets for a little while, I approached a home which looked hospitable. The cats who lived in that home had very nice humans who fed me and took care of me for a while, but the humans couldn't keep up with the three of us cats so they found another human, named Sean McLeary, for me to live with. Sean affectionately called me "Snapple." But unfortunately Sean lived in a place where cats are not supposed to be, so he and my current humans, Jennifer and K.C., arranged to set me up with DooBoo. I have been living in the lap of luxury now with DooBoo and our two humans for a couple of months.


DooBoo acted pretty macho when I first came to visit him, hissing and watching me very suspiciously. In fact I think he was quite rude. But when he let me use his litter box and food dish I realized he's not such a bad cat after all. Now we spend hours together, cuddling and discussing philosophy, food, the outside world (DooBoo is infinitely curious about my adventures alone in the outside world).

Before I met DooBoo, I was very well-behaved. I never scratched or bit anything, and I never had the guts to go where I wasn't supposed to go. Being with DooBoo has changed all that. He made me realize that our humans would have very boring lives if it wasn't for us. So while our humans are in school, DooBoo and I make all sorts of trouble. We take all of the bags out of the cupboard and spread them around the apartment. Then we sleep in the kitchen sink. DooBoo is so romantic!

The rest of the time, I have been training DooBoo in feline TaeKwonDo. Before I met him, DooBoo was having some sort of identity crisis-- he hadn't come into contact with other cats since he took on our two humans. He didn't know how to behave or even communicate with other cats. When I came along, DooBoo began to reassert his catness. That boy didn't even know how to fight. But he's a fast learner-- the two of us fought pretty often during our first week together, before we accepted our mutual attraction. Now he can hiss like the best.


Since I have been co-habitating with DooBoo and our humans, I have become very interested in computers. Our human Kyong-Sok talks about them all the time so I've learned a lot.

More to come...

oDooBoo, my one and only
oJennifer Lee, human number one
oKyong-Sok Chang, human number two
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