Jason and Jonathan Lee: Two peas in a pod

I have two goofy brothers, Jason and Jonathan. In case you're wondering why they look so similar, its because they are identical twins. Jason is older by one minute. Jason is also taller by two inches. (See how much difference one minute makes?) "The boys" graduated from Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland last June. Now they are freshmen in college, being corrupted by California just like me. Jonathan is a student at Harvey Mudd and Jason is at Pomona. All the better for me to spy on them, heh heh heh. When these guys were young they were really cute, then they turned really ugly for about 10 years. They are slowly emerging from their gawkiness. Here is a glimpse of what some time, orthodontal work, and new glasses can do:


During...is too ugly to see. Can I possibly be related to these creatures?


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