DooBoo Cat


MA Animal Behavior, Graduate March 1996
Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
Currently working on a thesis titled, "Nature or Nurture? The Ontological Status of Feline Personality."

BS Biology, March 1995
Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

GRE Scores, 6/94: 720 Verbal, 770 Quantitative, 710 Analytical
GMAT Scores, 10/94: 39 Verbal, 42 Quantitative, 650 Overall, 5.5 AWA

Self- Educated prior to College


My humans are very protective of me, so I haven't been allowed to do much outside work. I spend most of my day cuddled up with a good book in the sunny parts of the room. I really do like to sink my teeth into a good book! But being at home all day has made me somewhat of an amateur sociologist. I like to gaze out the window for hours. My humans think that I am looking at nothing but I am actually using my powers of extrasensory perception to alter the events of the universe.

I did moonlight for several weeks as a stuntcat. My gymnastics experience sure came in handy. The director of the movies I did commented, "That sure is one indestructible cat." My humans are not supposed to know about this job, but I guess by now the cat is out of the bag.