Class #10: Coordination of Multiple Robots


Multi-robot spot welding in an automotive body shop (left). Coordination of several small rovers (right, from Chris Clark).

  • Topics
    - Notion of configuration x time space
    - Mapping of moving obstacles in configuration x time space
    - Centralized vs. decoupled planning
    - Decoupled planning techniques: Velocity tuning, coordination diagram, prioritized planning
  • Required Readings:
    • Velocity tuning and coordination diagram:
      P.A. O'Donnell and T. Lozano-Perez. Deadlock-Free and Collision-Free Coordination of Two Robot Manipulators. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pages 484-489, 1989. [Hardcopy will be given in class]
    • Using PRM to compare of centralized and decoupled planning:
      G. Sánchez, J.C. Latombe. Using a PRM Planner to Compare Centralized and Decoupled Planning for Multi-Robot Systems. Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, 2002. [pdf]
  • Other Readings:
    • Prioritized planning:
      M. Erdmann and T. Lozano-Perez. On multiple moving objects. Algorithmica, 2(4):477—521, 1987. [ps]
  • Powerpoint slides:

o       Introduction   

o       Paper 1   

o       Paper 2