Class #14: Mapping and Inspecting Environments


  • Topics:
    - Incremental map building
    - Where to go next?
    - Next-best view planning
    - Inspection tours
  • Required Readings:
    • Next-Best-View planning:
      H. Gonzalez-Banos and J.C. Latombe. Navigation Strategies for Exploring Indoor Environments. Int. J. Robotics Research, 2003. [pdf]

    • Planning inspection paths:
      T. Danner and L.E. Kavraki. Randomized Planning for Short Inspection Paths. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation,
      San Francisco, April 2000. [pdf]
  • Other Reading:
    • Survey of research on mapping:
      S. Thrun. Robotic Mapping: A Survey. Report CMU-CS-02-111, Computer Science Dept. CMU, February 2001.


·         Powerpoint slides:

o        Introduction  

o        Paper 1  

o        Paper 2