Class #6: Probabilistic Roadmaps (1/3) –
            Basic Techniques




The figure on the left illustrates the concept of a probabilistic roadmap. The figure in the middle shows the milestones of a roadmap created for a virtual camera in a home (see Class 15). The figure on the right shows a probabilistic roadmap tree for docking a spacecraft against a space station (from Jeff Phillips).

  • Topics
    - Principle, rationale, and requirements of probabilistic roadmaps
    - Multi- and Single-query PRM planners
    - Narrow passage issue and expansiveness of free space
    - Probabilistic completeness and convergence of PRM planners
  • Required Readings:
    • Basic paper on probabilistic roadmaps:
      L.E. Kavraki, P. Svestka, J.C. Latombe, and M. Overmars. Probabilistic Roadmaps for Path Planning in High-Dimensional Configuration Spaces. IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 12(4):566-580, 1996 [ps] [pdf]
    • Analysis of probabilistic completeness in expansive space:
      D. Hsu, J.C. Latombe, and R. Motwani. Path Planning in Expansive Configuration Spaces. Int. J. of Computational Geometry and Applications, 9(4-5):495-512, 1999. [ps]

  • Other Readings:
  • Powerpoint slides:

o       Introduction

o       Paper 1  

o       Paper 2