Class #8: Probabilistic Roadmaps (3/3) –
            Sampling Strategies





Illustration for the Medial-Axis Transform sampling strategy (left). Lazy collision checking consists of postponing collision tests along roadmap edges until they are absolutely needed.

  • Topics
    - Use of Media-Axis Transform
    - Delayed collision checking (Lazy collision checking)
  • Required Readings:
    • Use of Medial-Axis Transform:
      VS.A. Wilmarth, N.M. Amato, P.F. Stiller. Motion Planning for a Rigid Body Using Random Networks on the Medial Axis of the Free Space. Proceedings of the 15th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG'99), pages 173-180, June 1999. [ps] [pdf]
    • Delayed collision-checking:
      G. Sánchez and J.C. Latombe. On Delaying Collision Checking in PRM Planning – Application to Multi-Robot Coordination, Int. J. of Robotics Research, 21(1):5-26, January 2002. [doc] [pdf]
      (skip the section on multi-robot coordination)
  • Powerpoint slides:

o       Introduction

o       Paper 1

o       Paper 2