Class #12: Nonholonomic Planning

The car is a good example of a nonholonomic vehicle: it has only two controls, but its configuration space has dimension 3. The two drawings in the middle show nonholonomic paths between two obstacles. The rightmost drawing shows a car that can on turn left doing a parallel parking operation on its right side; many reversals are needed.

  • Topics
    - Nonholonomic motion constraints
    - Motion planner for car-like robot using basic maneuvers
    - Transformation of holonomic path into a nonholonomic one
    - Sampling-based non-holonomic planner 
    - Application to tractor-trailers
  • Required Readings:
    • Planner based on deterministic sampling:
      J. Barraquand and J.C. Latombe. Nonholonomic Multibody Robots: Controllability and Motion Planning in the Presence of Obstacles. Algorithmica, 10:121-155, 1993 [pdf]
  • Other Readings:
    • Basic maneuvers for a car-like robot:
      J.P. Laumond. Feasible Trajectories for Mobile Robots with Kinematic and Environment Constraints. Proc. Int. Conf. on Intelligent Systems, Amsterdam, pages 346-354, 1986.
    • Collection of papers on non-holonomic motion planning:
      J.P. Laumond (ed.). Robot Motion Planning and Control
      . Lectures Notes in Control and Information Sciences 229.
      Springer, ISBN 3-540-76219-1, 1998.

  • Slides