Faces of Indonesia (1972, 1994, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2018)

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1972 (Java and Sulawesi):


In the port of Surabaya (eastern Java).


In Ujung Pandang (Makassar), Sulawesi


In Polaweli.


On the ″road″ between Polaweli and Mamasa.


Toraja children in their house in Mamasa.


On a market day in Mamasa.










Woman with a fancy hat (worn by many women in that region) in a market between Mamasa and Rantepao.


Ceremony in a village near Rantepao.


Toraja festival near Rantepao.









Men showing their roasters before cock fighting.





Fun and sadness during a Toraja funeral ceremony. Many buffaloes and pigs are killed for the occasion, below the coffin of the deceased..










Group photos in two villages along a trail between Rantepao and Palopo.



1994 (Irian Jaya, now called Papua):


Me with Dani people near the village of Anguruk.














1994 (Sulawesi):

Between Gimpu and Masamba in central Sulawesi.



2009 (Sulawesi):


At a Toraja funeral event, near Rantepao.


Family in their house.


Woman harvesting insects after a heavy rain, and eating them alive.






2010 (Seram):


Men in the village of Huahulu wearing their traditional red bandana.


Man from the village of Hanikeh.



People in Hanikeh.


Traditional ceremony ran by the head of the village of Hanikeh prior to my ascent of Mount Binaiya.


2015 (Yogyakarta, Java):


In the streets of Yogyakarta.


Pasar Ngasem, a large bird market in Yogyakarta.


People spend hours here with friends and family, or alone, to listen to songbirds.



Men playing kenongs in a gamelan ensemble in the Kraton of Yogyakarta.



2018 (Ternate and Tidore):


In the market of Kota Ternate.





Men at a wedding in Kota Ternate.


Girls selling local delicacies in Ternate.



On the deck of a motorbike ferry between Ternate and Tidore and below the deck.



Man in the highlands of Tidore.


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