Faces of Taiwan (2007-2018)

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Left: Weighting medicinal dried-plants in a shop of Dihua Street, in Taipei. Right: Shooting photos of a bride in Taichung Park, in Taichung.


Young woman taking a selfie in front of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.


Street market in Taipei.


In a night market in Taipei.


Tasting various kinds of tea in a traditional tea shop in the Wenshan district of Taipei.




Women leaving a religious ceremony in the Bao-an temple, in Taipei.


Preparing offerings in the Wanhe temple, in Taichung.



In the Feng Chia night market in Taichung.




In the traditional Wu Wei Tsao Tang tea house in Taichung.


Musicians in the old Longshan temple of Lukang.



Celebration day in the Matsu temple of Lukang.




Harvesting tea leaves in the hills surrounding the village of Rueili.


In a traditional restaurant serving soup with sausage, in Tainan.


In a night market in Kaohsiung.



In a restaurant in Kaohsiung.


Families playing and flying kites in a park of Kaohsiung.


People on scooters leaving the ferryboat between Kaohsiung and nearby Cijin island.


Fishermen on a jetty of Cijin island.


Demonstration of old-style martial art near Kaohsiung.


Ming Huang, a member of the Bunun aboriginal tribe, one of the three high-mountain aboriginal tribes remaining in Taiwan. He guided me during my 2015 south-to-north traverse of the Yushan National Park. He lives near the village of Dongpu in Nantou County.



People playing mahjong under a banyan tree in Liyushan Park, in Taitung.


In the night market of Taitung.



Preparing breakfast in a small restaurant in the village of Guanshan, north of Taitung in the East Rift valley.


Women repairing fishing nets and cleaning oysters (below) in the Penghu islands.





Man cooking and selling noodles in Jincheng, on Great Kinmen island.


Quiet nightlife in Jincheng, on Great Kinmen island.





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