Trek Around Jebel Waougoulzat (June 2014)


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My daughter Laurence and I did a 7-day trek around Jebel Waougoulzat in the central part of the High Atlas in June 2004. These are photos of this trek. We started and finished in Tabant in the valley of the Ait Bouguemez, north of Jebel Waougoulzat.


Map of the trek area. The itinerary is shown in red dotted line. Yellow dots indicate the locations where we spent the nights. Dots 2, 4, 5, and 6 were outside camps, whereas 1, 3, and 7 were ″gites″ (kinds of homestays/guesthouses). To see a larger-scale non-annotated topographic map click here.


Village of Ait Imi near Tabant, seen from the gite Oulaidi, with Jebel Waougoulzat in the background.


View of the Ait Bouguemez valley toward the west, soon after leaving Tabant. An old communal granary (barely visible) stands on top of the conic hill on the right. This granary also contains the grave of marabout (Muslim holy man) Sidi Moussa.


Looking back (toward the east) at the valley before reaching Assif Arous. The granary is visible on the right of the picture.


Lower portion of the Assif Arous valley.


Middle portion of the Assif Arous valley before reaching the narrow gorges. Jebel Mgoun (with snow patches) is in the background.



Plateau above Jebel Arous, the site of our first camp.


Laurence looking at the map: where is the trail to Tizi Asdremt-n-Ait Bou Oulli (first pass of this trek)?


View of the Jebel Mgoun from our camp in the early morning of the next day.


Left: view over the valley of Assif Arous during our ascent to Tizi Asdremt-n-Ait Bou Oulli. Right: Laurence reaching the pass.


View of Jebel Mgoun from Tizi Asdremt-n-Ait Bou Oulli.


Azibs (shepherd houses) just below Tizi-n-Tanout.


Along Assif Amougr.





The isolated granary of Tighremt-n-Ait Ahmed, where Assif Amougr and Assif Oulilimt merge to form Assif Mgoun.


Left: along Assif Mgoun. Right: our ′′gite′′ (homestay) at El Mrabitine.


In the valley of Assif Mgoun, below El Mrabitine.




Views of Jebel Waougoulzat near the village of Igherm Izdarn, where Assif Mgoun bends to head toward the south.


Hiking in Assif Mgoun below Imi Nirkt.




Small bridge over Assif Mgoun, just before reaching Assif Amejdag.


In the gorge of Assif Amejdag, which flows into Assif Mgoun.




Camp along Assif Amejdag. Here, there was a scorpion under every rock! We were glad to have a tent.


Left: reaching the small village of Ighrem-n-Ait Isso. Right: the village‛s granary.


Valley north of Ighrem-n-Ait Isso, looking toward Tiliwine and Adrar-n-Ouchane in the background. (The trail to Adrar-n-Ouchane, starts at the end of the valley, at the last shepherd settlement, on the right. It follows the stream′s bed to the end. At the beginning the trail is not well marked.)


Left: View from the Adrar-n-Ouchane plateau. Right: Making lunch along the trail (it was fast-food couscous in Morocco!).


Another view from the Adrar-n-Ouchane plateau, down into a canyon leading to lake Izourar.


The Aqqa-n-Tazaght (″aqqa″ means ″canyon″) and our camp on a ledge of this canyon. At some point the descent into the canyon requires ropes that we did not have. We went as far as we could and then returned to the top.


Views of Jebel Aroudane from the south (first photo) and from the south-west (second photo), as we started our trek back to Tabant.



The depression of lake Izourar, without water in June!


Reaching the western end of the Ait Bouguemez valley. The river flowing in this part of the valley is Assif Ait Hkim.


Views over the villages spread along Assif Ait Hkim. The first village in the forefront of both photos below is Zawyat Oulmzi.



Laurence posing with two girls in Zawyat Oulmzi.


Stone houses in Zawyat Oulmzi.


Along Assif Ait Hkim on our way to Tabant.



Me resting on the terrace of the comfortable gite Oulaidi in Tabant at the end of the trek.


The next day was Sunday, which is soukh (market) day in Tabant.







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