Tabant-Mgoun-Imejdag-Taghia-Oussikis (June 15-21, 2008): 1. From Tabant to the Cirque of Taghia


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June 15: Tabant to El-Mrabitine via Tizi-n-Ait Imi


Village of Ait Imi seen from Tabant. In the first photo below Tizi-n-Ait-Imi (pass) and the path to it are visible in the background.



Old granaries in Ait Imi.


Other views of Ait Imi.




Looking back toward the village of Ait Imi from the beginning of the trail ascending toward Tizi-n-Ait Imi, with Ighil-n-Ait Ourit (mountain range) in the background.


Successive views toward the Ait Bouguemez valley during the ascent of Tizi-Ait-Imi.





View toward the South from Tizi-n-Ait Imi. The first valley is Assif Amougr. The Mgoun range (with a few snow patches) is in the background.


Valley of Assif Amougr.


The photogenic granary of Tighremt-n-Ait Ahmad, where Assif Amougr and Assif Oulilimt merge to form Assif Mgoun.


June 16: El-Mrabitine to Ighrem-n-Ait Issa along Assif Mgoun and Assif Imejdag


Villages along Assif Mgoun.








Berber girls.


Along the Mgoun river further downstream before entering the gorge.



Beginning of the gorge of Assif Mgoun.


An amazing section of the Mgoun trail, which is used to avoid the bottom of the canyon when there is too much water.


In the narrows of Assif Mgoun. (The trail in the previous picture is also visible in the picture on the left.)


Reaching Ighrem-n-Ait Issa in the canyon of Assif Amejgag.


Granary of Ighrem-n-Ait Issa.




June 17: Ighrem-n-Ait Issa to the upper gorges of Assif Imejdag


Small source soon after leaving Ighrem-n-Ait Issa.


The granary of Ighrem-n-Ait Issa seen from the ridge above Assif Imejdag.



Juniperus on the ridge, with Jebel Tigounatine in the background..


The mid-section canyon of Assif Imejdag seen from the ridge.


View toward Adrar-n-Ouchane and Jebel Tamaracht.


Nomad camp on the northern slope of Jebel Tigounatine (south of Assif Imejdag).


Left: more land pattern on the slope of Jebel Tigounatine. Right: Water in dry landscape, beautiful source on the opposite side of Assif Imejdag.


Approaching the upper gorges of Assif Imejdag.


June 18: Upper gorges of Assif Imejdag to the cirque of Taghia


Entering the narrow upper gorge of Assif Imejdag.



In the narrow section of the gorge.


Leaving the narrow section.


View from Tizi-n-Wadou on Jebel Anzig: top of a sharp rock dome that dominates the Taghia cirque and Koucer plateau in the background.


Lunch under the shadow of an old juniperus and the surrounding valley.


Nomad camp.


Views of the village of Taghia and rock cliffs around it from the ridge of the plateau. (For other pictures of the Taghia cirque that I took in 2005, see here.)




Link to the photos of the second part of the trek: From the Cirque of Taghia to Oussikis.



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