Tabant-Mgoun-Imejdag-Taghia-Oussikis (June 15-21, 2008): 2. From the Cirque of Taghia to Oussikis


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June 19: Descent of the cork-screw trail to Taghia and Agoudin


Another view over the cirque of Taghia from the top of the cork-screw trail.


Jebel Timghazine, which I will cross two days later, also seen from the top of the cork-screw trail.


The village of Taghia seen during the descent of the cork-screw trail.



Left: the cork-screw section of the trail. Right: Cliffs of the cirque of Taghia.


Cliff above Taghia.


The canyon of Tafraout seen from Taghia.


In the canyon of Tafraout.


Kasbahs and granaries in Agoudin.














June 20: Agoudin - Taghia (again) - Tizi Timghazine - Assif Tafraout - Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine


From Agoudin I returned to Taghia to cross Jebel Timghazine at Tizi Timghazine (pass).


The cirque of Taghia seen at the beginning of the ascent toward Tizi Timghazine.


The village of Toughed seen from further up on the trail to Tizi Timghazine.


Views over Aqqa-n-Toughed toward Zawyat Ahencal from Tizi Timghazine.


View over the valley of Assif Tafraout from TiziTimghazine. The low point in the middle of the ridge on the opposite side of the valley is the entry point into the drainage of Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine that later becomes the Oussikis river.


My two mules at the bottom of Assif Tafraout valley.


The canyon of Assif Tafraout heading toward Taghia, seen from the ridge before the descent into Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine.


June 21: Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine to Oussikis


In Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine in the early morning.



Azib in Aqqa-n-Tarzilmine.


Further down in the gorge of Assif Oussikis.


The artificial lake above the villages of Oussikis.



Interesting landscape above the villages of Oussikis (note the ruins in the first photo and the goats or sheep in the third photo).




Tabouidant, one of the villages of Oussikis.



Another village of Oussikis.



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