Canada (May 6-13, 2019): Banff, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks

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Along the Icefields Parkway (north of Sunwapta Pass)


Athabasca Glacier.


Snow Dome Glacier.


Tangle Falls, with its upper tier still frozen.


Mushroom Peak (left) and Diadem Peak (right).


Upper Sunwapta Falls.


Canyon between the Upper and Lower Sunwapta Falls.


Lower Sunwapta Falls.


More mountains north of the Sunwapta Falls.


[From left to right facing the Athabasca River: Mt. Christie, Mt. Fryatt (peak E5 and main summit), and Geraldine Peak. Brussels Peak stands in the back between Mt. Christie and Mt. Fryatt.]


Athabasca Falls and the narrow canyon below them.





Athabasca River below the falls and canyon.


Reflection of Mount Fryatt N4 (left) and Geraldine peak (right) in a small lake located on road 93A a few kilometers north of the Athabasca Falls.


Another mountain reflection in the same lake, with Mount Edith Cavell in the middle.


Around Jasper (wildlife)


Black bear.



Mule deer buck with velvet antlers.


Bighorn sheep.


Around Jasper (south)


Reflection in Lake Annette at sunrise.



Hike in the Valley of the Five Lakes:


- Approach in the forest.


- Turquoise water of the first lake.



- Reflections in the first lake.




- Second lake.


- Third lake (and the fourth one partially visible in the back).


Around Jasper (north and east)


The Palisade, a long vertical cliff overlooking the Athabasca valley.


Maligne canyon.









Hike north of Medicine Lake:


- Beaver Lake.


- First Summit Lake.


- Cliff dominating the First Summit Lake.


Maligne Lake on a cloudy early morning.



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