Central Asia 2004: Kichi-Alay trek


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Kichi-Alay is a mountain range located south of the city of Osh and north of Peak Lenin. This 4-day trek, which crosses this range from north to south at Kyndyk pass, offers awesome views over Peak Lenin


Map (itinerary in red).


Start of the trek at the beginning of the valley of the Kyndyk river.


Small settlement along the way, with yaks.




Our camp at the lake below Kyndyk pass (on the northern side of the pass).


Maxim, while on our way to Kyndyk pass.


View from the pass toward the north, with the lake visible on the left side of the photo.


View of Peak Lenin from Kyndyk pass.


At Kyndyk pass, with Maxim in the photo on the left.



Yurts along the way down from the pass.


More views.



Another one of our camps.


The Karakavak valley further down.




Maxim talking to a local horseman.


Village of Kashkasu at the end of the trek.



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