Matcha 2005: From Daugman village to Dvoynoy pass


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At the start of the trek near Daugman village.


Along the Kalai-Mahmud river.



A large kosh before the bent of the Kalai-Mahmud river.




The Raigorodsky glacier.


The Raigorodsky glacier, with peak Skalisty (5621m) behind.


At Kudaktyr Pass (Fiodor with a shepherd). Our next pass (Dvoynoy pass) is visible in the background.


Views during the descent toward Kara-Kul-Katta lake.


Lunch near Kara-Kul-Katta lake with friendly shepherds from Batkent (a small Kyrgyz town further north).


View of the first pass forming the ″double″ Dvoynoy pass (4090m).


Slava climbing Dvoynoy pass.


Views while climbing Dvoynoy pass.


The other side of the first Dvoynoy pass.


The second Dvoynoy pass. Although it is not higher than the first one, there was much more snow.


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