Matcha 2005: From Mingteke pass to Kara-Tur valley


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Lower part of Shurovski glacier as seen while ascending Mingteke pass.


Ascending Mingteke pass (4180m).


View toward the east from Mingteke pass: looking back at our ascent route.


View of the western side of Mingteke pass during our descent.


On Mingteke glacier, on the other side of Mingteke pass (Mingteke means ″a thousand wild goats″; but that one was the only one we saw!).


Peak Mingteke and its huge granite wall.


Our Camp in Mingteke valley.


Lower part of Mingteke valley.


Kara-Tur valley seen from Taksatorov pass that separates Mingteke and Kara-Tur valleys (Kara-Tur glacier lies at the end of the valley).


Kara-Tur glacier seen from the top of a hill above Kara-Tur valley.


Yaks in Kara-Tur valley.



Cooking our dinner is Kara-Tur valley.


Old trees in Kara-Tur valley.


Evening sunlight on rock formations in Kara-Tur valley.



Kara-Tur valley seen while ascending Kingdyk pass.


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