Traverse of Dolpo (July 2012): 2. Matachaur to Tibetan camp above Maduwa



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For most of this 5-day section we had bad weather, occasionally with some very heavy rains. Only after we reached the trail from Dunai to Phoksundo lake did we see some sun. Between Hurikot and Maduwa (across Kagmara pass) we followed the same trail that I had already followed in the autumn of 2008 (see here).


Man between Matachaur and Leti Lagna.


As in 2008, we camped one night at the Bon Gompa in Hurikot.


Mixed cannabis/corn field in Hurikot.


Village of Hurikot.



Part of the Kagmara range.


Ascending Kagmara La.


Interesting waterfall before reaching Pungmo village.



Chorten in Pungmo village.


Before reaching Maduwa village, we finally got some nice weather. We stopped to dry tents and clothes, and enjoy the sun.


Maduwa village(just a few houses).


The large waterfall below Phoksundo Lake seen from Maduwa.


Camp of Tibetan nomads above Maduwa (with Dawa standing at the center of the photo).


Despite tough living conditions, the people at the camp were extremely welcoming.



Mixing tsampa (roasted barley flour) with Tibetan salty butter tea.





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