Traverse of Dolpo (July 2012): 3. Crossing Bagala La and Numala La



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Trail toward Bagala La, above the Tibetan camp of Section 2.




Sunrise over peaks seen from our night camp below Bagala La.



As we were climbing toward Bagala, clouds were quickly ascending from the southern valleys. Nevertheless, it was a good day overall.



Bagala La.



View from Bagala La.


Descent from Bagala La.


Another Tibetan camp between Bagala La and Numala La.



Dolpo lacks trees and logs are brought from far away.



Scenery between Bagala La and Numala La.


Beautiful sunrise colors seen from our camp below Numala La.


Scenery before reaching Numala La.


Numala La.


View from Numala La.


This man encountered during the descent from Numala La is collecting yarchagumba, Himalayan natural Viagra. Due to the high demand for yarchagumba in countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Japan, its harvesting has become so extensive that some people now fear major ecological impact.


Reaching the valley of Dho Tarap.



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