Traverse of Dolpo (July 2012): 4. Dho Tarap Valley



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At approximately 4000m, the beautiful valley of Dho Tarap is a relatively densely populated region of Dolpo (146 households in 1991). Numerous Buddhist monasteries and chortens are scattered across the valley.


Some houses in Dho Tarap valley.





Some nicely decorated windows (with the endless knot on the left, one of the eight auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism that represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion).


A few of the many chortens in the valley.







Mani pebbles. (In most of Nepal, mani stones are made by carving soft slate sheets. Pebbles are much harder to carve.)


Main village of Dho Tarap.




Woman and children in Dho Tarap valley.




Dawa shopping in the ″general″ store of Dho Tarap.


Women in a barley field.


Bon gompa above Dho Tarap.



Small village of Dhoro above Dho Tarap.



Fields between the villages of Dhoro and Maran.


Village of Maran, the last village before starting the ascent of Jhyarkoi La.


Chortens in Maran.


Woman in Maran.



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