Traverse of Dolpo (July 2012): 5. Maran to Chharka Bhot



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Ascending tough Jhyarkoi La. My porters are visible in the first photo.




Approaching the pass.


Jhyarkoi La.


On the other side of Jhyarkoi La.


Sunrise over Jhyarkoi Lek, seen from our camp below Mola La.


At Mola La.


Small shepherd camp below Mola La.


Approaching the village of Chharka Bhot.



The beautiful isolated village of Chharka Bhot.


Houses in Chharka Bhot.






Woman and child in Chharka Bhot.



Inside a tea house (for the 3rd photo I used a flash).






Mani wall outside Chharka Bhot.



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