Traverse of Dolpo (July 2012): 6. Chharka Bhot to Jomson



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Valley of Thasan Khola above Chharka Bhot.


At a herder camp below Niwas La.



″Bells″ of mud used to dry yak dung inside.


Niwas La, a very gentle pass.


View during the ascent of Jungben La.


Final push toward Jungben La.


Looking back to our path just before reaching Jungben La.


Dawa and the four porters at Jungben La. At 5550m it was still quite warm.


Looking down from the pass, toward Mustang.


Canyon of Kyalunpe Khola. The green fields on the left and right sides of the canyon are those of the small villages of Ghok and Sangda, respectively.


Further down in the canyon. The ascent path on the other side of the canyon is visible on the right of the photo.


At the bottom of the canyon just before crossing Kyalunpe Khola.


View of the lower part of the descent trail from the other side of the canyon.


Views of the Kyalunpe Khola canyon while descending toward Sangda.






View over the village of Ghok located on the left side of the canyon.


Treacherous crossing in the afternoon, especially with heavy bags, of a tributary of Kyalunpe Khola.



Sangda village and a small abandoned village (surrounded by old terraces) facing it across the canyon.





At Sangda village.


After passing Sangda, we shared our night camp with a group of traders coming from Jomson.




Bhima Lojung La, the last pass of this trek.


Starting our descent from Bhima Lojung La in the fog.


Fortunately, soon after crossing Bhima Lojung La, fog evaporated opening beautiful views over Mustang.




Small village of Tirigaon, just before reaching Kagbeni.


Gompa above Tirigaon.


Village of Kagbeni.



Nilgiri peak seen from Kagbeni.


Jomson airport. Landing of a small aircraft connecting Jomson to Pokhara.



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