Ethiopia, April-May 2012:

Mekele-to-Lalibela-to-Debark trek (page 17 of 17)

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Returning from the Saturday market at WP #28

Saturday market at WP #28:

The market was still going on when we arrived in the small village at WP #28. I have not taken note of the name of this village.

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Saturday market at WP #28

Saturday market at WP #28:

My presence quickly disrupted the entire market, an extreme case of ″farangi hysteria″.

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Saturday market at WP #28:

Armed militia men eventually came
to my ″rescue″. But they looked
more scared than me.

Fields near WP #28

Negussie′s father:

Negussie was born in a village

near WP #28. His father still lives there.

Between WP #29 and Debark (WP #30)

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Reaching Debark, the end of our trek

Negussie′s wife welcomed us with a coffee ceremony

Last photo in front of
Negussie′s house

The next morning
I took an early bus to Gondar,
100km from Debark


At the end of his trip, he feels profound friendship for these people who shared his life, the eyes of whom are strained by scrutinizing far horizons too often, for the swarms of shouting children who untiringly see each instant as a lifetime excitement, for the wind that flattens campfires and swells tents, for the trees of the savanna that are shaped like large umbrellas, for the mountainous sculptures of the desert, for the tepid water extracted from the wells, which one must drink despite its bad taste because there is no choice, but also for the crystalline mornings, for the intense heat of the days, for the bloody dusks, and for the nights that fall suddenly.

(Adapted from the last paragraph of ″Caravanserail″, a novel by Charif Majdalani.)

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