Mexico: States of Morelos and Guerrero (November 2016)

(This banner shows a collection of Mexican ceramic tiles used to decorate colonial-style houses, both floors and walls.)

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The mountainous states of Morelos and Guerrero are located south of Mexico City. They are home of many picturesque towns, such as Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan, and Taxco. However, because they are close to Mexico City and well connected to it by a convenient highway, they become very touristy and noisy on weekends. In addition, parts of the state of Guerrero (especially around Acapulco) have become quite unsafe in recent years, due to drug-related violence and fighting among gangs.


Tepoztlan (State of Morelos):

Tepoztlan is a pleasant quaint town of 14,000 people, except on weekends when it is invaded by masses of tourists from Mexico City. Built in a plain against a backdrop of gorgeous cliffs, it served as one of the locations where the 1960 Western movie ″The Magnificent Seven″ (Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen...) was filmed.


Part of the town and its backdrop of cliffs in the evening.


View over the plain from a cliff.


Church of the former convent of de Navidad.







A smaller colonial church (Iglesias Barrios).


Street vendors and market scene.



Mosaic made of seeds at the entrance of the courtyard of the ex-convent de Navidad, behind the market.


El Tepozteco is a small archeological site atop one of the cliffs dominating Tepoztlan, approximately 320m above the town. The site consists of a small pyramid dedicated to Tepoztecatl, an Aztec god.


- Rock cliffs along the path to the site.


- View of the pyramid.


- Coaties near the pyramid.


Taxco de Alarcon (State of Guerrero):

Taxco is an ancient silver mining town built on a mountain slope. It is characterized by its steep and narrow clobbered streets and the colonial style of its houses. It is reputed for its silverwork, as well as for its large fleet of noisy VW Beetle taxis that suit almost perfectly the shape of the streets. Despite the noise and the large number of tourist shops, the town keeps an appealing feel.


Views over Taxco.



Other views of the city, with the church of Santa Prisca in the first photo and the church of Chavarrieta in the second photo.




Church of Santa Prisca on Plaza Borda (Zocalo).




In the streets of Taxco.




Perhaps because they are so steep, many streets are dotted with small benches like this one.


Statues of flagellant penitents on the main street (Calle Benoto Juarez) behind the former convent of San Bernardino de Siena. (These statues commemorate actual flagellants carrying crosses and whipping themselves through town during Semana Santa.)


On Plaza Borda (Zocalo). Left: balloon vendors in the afternoon. Right: people waiting for evening music.


Street and market food. Left: mosaic of jelly/flan cakes. Center: amazing chips (one single spiraling chip per potato). Right: Pan dulce.


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