Tajikistan (2017): Panj valley between Khorog and Ishkashim

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This page shows a series of photos taken along the road from Khorog to Ishkashim. Most are pictures of Afghanistan across the Panj river. Since all the photos were taken from the Tajik side of the Panj river, in most of them it is easy to identify what is in Tajikistan and what is in Afghanistan.







Here the large green area is in Tajikistan.


Here almost all the picture content is in Tajikistan (looking back in the direction of Khorog).


Truck on the Afghan side of the Panj river. I don′t recall that there was a road on the Afghan side in 2009. Now there is a gravel road that seems to be in much better condition than the one on the Tajik side. But on this trip I didn′t see any of the highly decorated and colorful trucks that used to run across Afghanistan some decades ago. I hope they still exist.










Bridge over the Panj river between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. For some years this border post was open. But increased Taliban activity in northern Afghanistan led to its closure.


Arriving in Ishkashim, the largest Tajik village along the Panj river south of Khorog.


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