Bukhara (2005, 2010, and 2012)


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Uzbek figurines on sale in the streets of Bukhara (photos taken in 2012).



Po-i-Kalyan ensemble, which consists of the Kalyan minaret, the Kalyan mosque, and the Mir-i-Arab madrasah:


- Kalyan minaret (left), turquoise domes of the Mir-i-Arab madrasah, and smaller domes of Toqi Zargaron (covered bazar).


- Left: Kalyan minaret and portal of Kalyan mosque on its right. Right: top of Kalyan minaret. The minaret is 45.6m high and 9m in diameter at the base.


- Courtyard of Kalyan mosque and main entrance of the prayer hall.


- Looking in the opposite direction from the Kalyan mosque′s courtyard, with the Mir-i-Arab madrasah in the background.



- Left and center: partial views of the courtyard of the Kalyan mosque. Right: One of the domes and a portion of the facade of the Mir-i-Arab madrasah seen from the entrance of the Kalyan mosque.


- Gallery around the Kalyan mosque′s courtyard. These photos show only a few of its 208 pillars.


- Portal of the Mir-i-Arab madrasah and its two domes. The shadow on the madrasah′s stair steps is that of the Kalyan minaret.


- Other photos of exterior of the Mir-i-Arab madrasah.



- Another view of Mir-i-Arab Madrasah, with the top of the Kalyan minaret visible on its left.


- Inside the Mir-i-Arab madrasah.



Abdullaziz-khan madrasah located behind the Mir-i-Arab madrasah. (I took the first photo below in 2005 and the next in 2012. In between, the madrasah had been partially renovated.)



Magoki-Attori mosque.



Portal of the Nadir Divan-begi madrasah (left) and statue of Hoja Nasreddin (a wise man who lived during the 13th century and is remembered for his funny stories) in front of it. They are located on the west side of the Lyabi-Hauz water reservoir, a short distance from the Magoki-Attori mosque.


Ark fortress: entrance gate and surrounding wall (~790m in length).




The superb Bolo Kauzh mosque with its tall elegant wooden columns. The mosque faces the entrance of the Ark fortress.







Right: Central section of the ceiling behind the double arch.


Chashma-Ayub mausoleum.


Ismail Samanid mausoleum.




Char Minar, an oddly shaped gatehouse of a former madrasah. Although ″Char minar″ means ′′four minarets′′, the four towers are not real minaret. Each is decorated with its own distinct motifs.





Domed and covered bazaars, located near the Kalyan minaret.






Awesome puppets created by Master Iskander Khakimov (photos taken in 2005).






In the beautiful Amulet hotel/guesthouse, a small, tastefully remodeled, former madrasah (photos taken in 2010 and 2012).




Street scene in a less touristic part of the city (photo taken in 2005).



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