Recent work

An algorithm to compute the Minkowski sum outer-face of two simple polygons, G. D. Ramkumar, to appear in Proc. ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry, 1996.
Polyhedral tracings and their convolution, with J. Basch, L. Guibas, and Lyle Ramshaw, to appear in Proc. Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics, 1996.
Reporting red-blue intersections between connected sets of line segments, with J. Basch and L. Guibas, to appear in Proc. European Symposium on Algorithm, 1996.
Algorithms for computing union and intersection of toleranced polygons, with F. Cazals, Technical Report, STAN-CS-TR-96-1568, Stanford University, 1996.
An efficient system for analyzing assembly complexity, with Bruce Romney, Cyprien Godard, and Michael Goldwasser, Proc. ASME International Computers in Engineering Conference, Boston, pp. 699-712, 1995. .
On approximating the longest path in a graph, with D. Karger, and R. Motwani, to appear in Algorithmica, special issue on approximation algorithms (preliminary version in Proc. Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures, Lecture notes in computer science, #709, pp. 421-432, 1994.

Previous work

Fast parallel algorithms for the maximum empty rectangle problem, with A. Datta, K. Krithivasan, R. Srikant, in Sadhana, Journal of Indian Academy of Sciences, vol. 17, pt 1, pp. 221-36, 1992.
On some largest empty ortho-convex polygons in a point set, G. Ramkumar, A. Datta and K. Krithivasan, in Proc. Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, Bangalore, Lecture notes in computer science, #472, pp. 270-285, 1990.
Parallel Algorithms on Interval Graphs, with C. Pandu Rangan, in Proc. International Conference on Parallel Processing , 1990.
Efficient Parallel Shuffle Recognition, with A. Saoudi, M. Nivat, C.P.Rangan, and R. Sundaram, in Parallel Processing Letters, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 455-463, 1994.

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