WEBKDD'2001 Call for Papers

Workshop description

The Web presents a key driving force in the rapid growth of electronic commerce and a new channel for content providers. Rich web logs provide companies with data about their customers and prospective customers, allowing micro-segmentation and personalized interactions. Customer acquisition costs in the hundreds of dollars per customer are common, justifying heavy emphasis on correct targeting. Once customers are acquired, customer retention becomes the target. Retention through customer satisfaction and loyalty can be greatly improved by acquiring and exploiting knowledge about these customers and their needs.

Although web logs are the source for valuable knowledge patterns, one should keep in mind that the Web is only one of the interaction channels among a company and its customers. Data obtained from conventional channels provide invaluable knowledge on existing market segments, while mobile communication adds further customer groups. In response, companies are beginning to integrate multiple sources of data including web, wireless, call centers, and brick-and-mortar store data into a single data warehouse that provides a multifaceted view of their customers, their preferences, interests and expectations.

The WEBKDD'01 workshop aims to bring together practitioners of web-commerce, wap-commerce, call centers, and brick-and-mortar stores with tool vendors and data mining researchers in order to foster the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of emerging solutions related to customer interactions across multiple touchpoints and to the customer retention and acquisition policies that can be derived from the analysis of these interactions.

Topics of interest

WEBKDD'01 calls for contributions related to data mining of log data and of data obtained from multiple touch points, and to the exploitation of the mining results in individualized products and services. These include the following subjects:

Publication of proceedings

The workshop notes will be published by ACM and distributed during the workshop. The full version of the accepted papers will be published by Springer-Verlag (pending approval) after a second round of reviews.

Submission guidelines

Original papers are solicited on the above or related issues of web mining for e-commerce. Submissions are of two types: A separate mail including the title, authors and abstract of the paper should be sent separately (see Important dates) in plain ASCII format.
The paper submissions should be in PDF or Postscript format (compression with gzip/winzip encouraged).
All submissions must be sent to webkdd@cs.stanford.edu

Important Dates

Additional details are available at: http://robotics.Stanford.EDU/~ronnyk/WEBKDD2001/index.html

Updated March 3, 2001