Request to Attend WEBKDD 2001

Attendance in the workshop is by invitation only.  Authors of accepted papers are automatically invited, but must still fill the form below.
All others must fill the form below and mail it to with the subject Request to Attend WEBKDD 2001.
Requests to attend must be received prior to Aug 3, 2001

Our criteria for approving attendance is based on:

Note: confirmation of acceptance to the workshop were e-mailed with a link to the list of attendees on July 30, 2001.
Later requests will be confirmed by Aug 6, 2001.  If you have not received an e-mail on time, please resend your request.

Company division/Univ department:
Company/Univ URL:
Your position in company/univ:
Contact e-mail:
Your experience in mining log data (e.g. weblogs) on 1-10 (10=highest):
Your experience in data mining algorithms (1-10):
Your experience in the Knowledge Discovery Process  (1-10):
Your knowledge in another area of interest to the workshop (1:10): ___    Area: __________________
Describe your background and recent work as it relates to the workshop and help justify the above scores. Write about three paragraphs or one paragraph and attach resume

Optional: To foster interactions, we strongly encourage participants to share information about themselves.  It makes the workshop more personal.  If you fill the following information, it will be published on our web page and distributed in the workshop.

Paragraph about yourself: Write a few lines about yourself that you are willing to share with others (this can be the same as the background above, but remember that this is published):
URL to a picture of yourself: http://
URL to your web page:        http://

Updated July 30, 2001