Current Group
(In order of appearance in the group)

Eugene Davydov, PhD student, Computer Science.

Marina Sirota, PhD student, BMI. Marina is a student of Atul Butte, and collaborates with our group.

Bob Edgar, Visiting Scientist, Stanford University.  Bob has been visiting our group meetings, and collaborates on protein alignment and other projects.

Sam Gross, PhD student, Computer Science.

Leticia Britos, PhD student, Developmental Biology. Leticia is a student of Lucy Shapiro and Serafim is her co-advisor.

Marc Schaub , PhD student, Computer Science.

Sarah Aerni, PhD student, BMI.

Anshul Kundaje , postdoc, joint with Arend Sidow.

Jesse Rodriguez , PhD student, BMI .

Tiffany Chen , PhD student, BMI.

Dmitri Pushkarev , PhD student, Physics. Dmitri is a joint student with Steve Quake.

Max Libbrecht , undergraduate, Computer Science.

Dan Newburger , PhD student, BMI.



These are some photos from Venice, where we attended RECOMB 2006.  Andreas, Leticia, Sam, Serafim, Tom, Sam, Serafim, Olga, Tony, George, Andreas, Eugene, Marina, Tom, George, Dan, Serafim, Andreas, Olga, Tony, Eugene, Andreas, Olga, Balaji, Eugene, George, Tom, Dan.  Yes, we are attending the conference, as one of the pictures proves.


This photo was taken (automatically) by Manolis Kellis, when he hosted us for dinner during RECOMB 2005. From left to right and then top to bottom: Tony, Andreas, Phuong, Eugene F., George, Leticia, Manolis, Olga, Marina, Dan W., Balaji, Tom, Serafim, Eugene D., Angelita. Thanks, Manoli!

Alumni and Former Group Members