Special Interest Areas


[CG]Computational Geometry pages by Jeff Erickson

[Geometry Center]The Geometry Center

Geometry in action.


* Bibliography and syllabus for a one semester course on Interactive Proofs (IP).

*And in case you wanted a simpler explanation of IP and PCP, go to the Arthur-Merlin site at UChicago for a cartoon-based explanation. Who said that complexity can't be fun!!.

* Some references on lower bounds on NP-Complete Problems.

* Some references to literature on complexity theory.

* Parameterized complexity home page.

* References to P-complete problems and a (slightly out of date) tech report A Compendium of Problems Complete for P, by Raymond Greenlaw, H. James Hoover, and Walter L. Ruzzo.

* Probabilistic Checking of Proofs and Hardness of Approximation Problems by Sanjeev Arora.

* The Quantum Complexity Reference Collection.

[GI]special interest group on complexity of the German computer science society.

Graph theory:

* A very nice collection of links on graph theory is here.[NEW]


* Analysis of Algorithms Home Page by P. Flajolet and H. Prodinger

* A compendium of NP Optimization Problems by P. Crescenzi and V. Kahn.

* The Travelling Salesman Problem Bibliography.

* The Hamiltonion Page.

*Survey paper on Randomized Algorithms: On Randomization in Sequential and Distributed Algorithms, by Rajiv Gupta, Scott A. Smolka, and Shaji Bhasar.

* References (including software pointer) on the Maximal Common Subgraph (MCS) algorithm problem.

* A report containing a review of various string matching algorithms by Graham A. Stephen.

* Pattern Matching Pointers.

* Literature on realistic parallel algorithms by Silvia Goetz

* A Priority Queues Web Page by Lee Killough[NEW]

special interest group on parallal and distributed algorithms of the German computer science society and their page on conferences, announcement, etc.

Discrete Mathematics:

* Matroid Theory.[NEW]


* Operations research page.

Suresh Venkat