Taken from a post on DMAnet on 25Jan95.

             ***        LIPSOL Beta-2.1        ***
            ****      Release Announcement     ****
             ***       January 24, 1995        ***

LIPSOL (Linear programming Interior-Point SOLvers) is a package that
uses Matlab's sparse-matrix data structure and MEX utilities to
achieve both programming simplicity and computational efficiency.

--- What's Newx? ---

(1) All sources for MEX-files included
    Release Beta-2.1 includes all the sources for the LIPSOL
    MEX-files: namely, the newly released version 0.2 of the ORNL
    sparse Cholesky package by Dr. Esmond Ng and Dr. Barry Peyton
    (along with Dr. Joseph Liu's multiple minimum degree ordering
    routines), and our MEX interface routines.

(2) Performance improved
    Though not a major update, beta-2.1 is generally faster than
    beta-2.  For example, under the default setting it solves PILOT87
    in 38 iterations and 485 cpu-seconds on an R4400/150MHz CPU
    (-mips2 flag used in fmex).  But don't try fit2p unless you have
    a LOT of memory and patience.

(3) "Memory leak problem" fixed
    The false alarms were caused by the Matlab function SPARSE.

--- What platforms are supported? ---

Release beta-2.1 still contains one binary file for the MPS reader.
It supports: DEC (Ultrix 4.x), SGI (IRIX 5.2), Sun Sparcs (SunOS
4.1.3) and HP (HP-UX 9.0x) workstations.  Of course there is no
guarantee that the binary would run on every machine from the above

-- Where to get LIPSOL? --

LIPSOL Beta-2.1 distribution consists of only one file for all
platforms.  It can be retrieved through anonymous FTP from:
(also available from the WWW URL: http://math.umbc.edu/~yzhang).
See the README files for information on installing and running
LIPSOL beta2.1.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are most welcome!
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