The Grand Canyon of Kauai

[pic 1]
Our first view of the grand canyon of Kauai.

[pic 2]
The grand canyon of Kauai, without annoying people blocking the view.

[pic 3]
This tree is very photogenic. It stands on the verge of a steep cliff, it's roots are already exposed, yet it is still standing there.

[pic 4]
The vegetation growing inside the stream we hiked to.

[pic 5]
This small waterfall was the target of our hike. Quite disappointing, at least as far I was concerned. With the exception of Bernd, we all went into the water. The water were very cold, so each one of us stayed about 20 seconds inside - just enough for Bernd to take our pictures. I was lucky, since the annoying couple, who sat on that big rock when Mark and Xavier went in, finally decided to move away, so you don't see them in the picture.
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