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The human sense of touch is an indispensable tool in allowing us to manipulate and interact in our every-day world. This intuitive form of interaction, however, is often absent when working in remote or virtual environments. Haptic systems have demonstrated the capability of re-introducing this lost ability into computer/user interfaces. These force-feedback systems, by simulating the forces caused by the virtual environment, augment the amount of information that can be presented to the user by visual means alone, as well as increase the sense of immersion experienced by the user.

Our research has focused on the development of algorithms and control structures to allow the quick and robust tactile display of virtual environments derived from common graphical descriptions. The development of this technology has the potential for enormous benefits in many areas of human activity including medicine, industrial design, aeronautics, robotics, and education.


Diego C. Ruspini,
Oussama Khatib,

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