Selected Patents

U.S. Patent 5,807,377, ``Force-reflecting surgical instrument and positioning mechanism for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity,'' Madhani, Akhil J. and Salisbury, J.  Kenneth. Issued Sept. 15, 1998.

U.S. Patent 5,587,937 ``Force Reflecting Haptic Interface,'' Thomas H. Massie and J.Kenneth Salisbury, Jr. Issued Dec 24, 1996.  5,625,576

U. S. Patent 5,327,790 ``Torque Sensing Actuator,'' Mike D. Levin and J.  Kenneth Salisbury, Jr. Issued Jul 12, 1994.

U.S. Patent 4,921,293, ``Multi-fingered Robot Hand,'' Carl Ruoff and J. Kenneth Salisbury, Jr.  Issued May 1, 1990.

U.S. Patent 4,903,536 ``Compact Cable Transmission with Cable Differential,'' J. Kenneth Salisbury, Jr., et al. Issued Feb 27, 1990.

U.S. Patent 4,635,479, ``Force Sensing Apparatus,'' J. Kenneth Salisbury, Jr.  and David L. Brock. Issued Jan 13, 1987.