France: South-West (2015)

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(May 2015) Collonges-la-Rouge (Limousin): Medieval village built with red sandstone (founded in the 8th century).





(May 2015) Saillac (Limousin): Church St. Jean-Baptiste (12-14th centuries), beautiful portal with painted sculpture supported by a stone pillar with a torsade depicting hunting scenes.


(May 2015) Rocamadour (Dordogne Valley): Old monastic and pilgrimage site. 



(May 2015) Cougnaguet (Quercy): Fortified mill (14th century).





(May 2015) Sarlat-la-Canedat (Perigort): Medieval and Renaissance city (13-16th centuries), with House of La Boetie (left photo).


(May 2015) Saint-Andre-d'Allas (Dordogne): Cabanes (Bories) du Breuil made up of limestone slabs.




(May 2015) Cahors (Lot department):

- Pont Valentre (fortified bridge, 14th century).


- Cathedral Saint Etienne (start of construction: 11th century).



- Painted cupola inside Cathedral Saint Etienne.


- Cloister of Cathedral Saint Etienne.



(May 2015) Figeac (Lot Department):

- Church Saint Sauveur (start of construction: 12th century).



- Chapel Notre-Dame-de-Pitie (13th century), on south side of Church Saint Sauveur, and some of its stained-glass windows.



- Large reproduction of the Rosetta Stone in the Place des Ecritures, to remind us that Jacques-Joseph Champollion was born in Figeac.


(May 2015) Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Aveyron Department):

- Collegial Notre Dame or Grand Gleisa (13-15th centuries).


- Chapel of Black Penitents (17th century), with the left and right sides of its retable and its painted vault.




(May 2015) Albi (Tarn Department):

- View of the right bank of the Tarn River, with Pont Vieux (Old Bridge).


- Left bank of the Tarn River, with Pont Vieux, Palais de la Berbie, and Cathedral Sainte Cecile.


- Cathedral Sainte Cecile (13-15th centuries), claimed to be the largest brick building in the world.



- Nave and organ of Cathedral Sainte Cecile.



- Choir of Cathedral Sainte Cecile.


- Palais de la Berbie (13-14th centuries).


- Cloister Saint Salvi (13th century).


- Statues (painted wood) inside Church Saint Salvi.


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