Sulawesi (Summer 1972): Ujung Pandang (Makassar) and Polewali



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The cargo boat that took me from Surabaya in Eastern Java to Ujung Pandang (renamed Makassar in 1999) in south-west Sulawesi.



Me on the deck during the traverse.


Ujung Pandang (now Makassar):


Boats in the harbor and the bay of Ujung Pandang. Most of the larger sailing boats in the following photos are ″padewakang″ (or ″pinisi″), traditional boats used by the Buginese seafarers of south Sulawesi.












Fishermen and their fishing nets.



City life near the harbor.


Remains of Fort Rotterdam, a 17th-century Dutch fort.



Painting in the former royal residence of the Sultan of Gowa (?).


Tombs in an old cemetery.



Restaurant along the road between Ujung Pandang and Polewali.


Buffaloes in a dry rice field between Ujung Pandang and Polewali.




Polewali is a small coastal town at the start of the road climbing to Mamasa in the higlands of west Sulawesi.


In the main street of Polewali.



In the fish market.



Seashore in Polewali




Boat under construction.


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