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This page contains some pointers to papers and pages of general interest to the theory community, theory related software available on the net, upcoming conferences and attendees of previous conferences, the genealogy of theoretical computer scientists, and some other assorted stuff.

Please let me ( know if something should be added to this page, if something doesn't work, or if you have a conference attendees list that I am missing.
Many thanks to Dennis Grinberg, the previous owner of this site, and to the best of my knowledge, the creator.

* Organizations

* Journals, Conferences and Bibliographies

* Lecture Notes

* Software

* Special interest areas

* Repositories.

* Newsgroups/Mailing Lists

*  Conference Style files (ACM & IEEE) and other information. 

* TCS Virtual Rolodex vanilla, text only or deluxe.

* Search for theory conference attendees addresses. (Some people will appear more than once if they attended more than one conference.)

* Genealogy of Theoretical Computer Scientists or just view the file.
(An unofficial searchable version is here This will probably go away soon. Entries are are in the form STUDENT ADVISOR PLACE_AND_DATE_OF_PHD.)

Suresh Venkat