Volcano National Park

[pic 1]
One day somebody forgot to turn off the boiler. Then they discovered it could be a tourist attraction. Now they call it steam vents, and claim it a natural phenomenon.

[pic 3]
This valley was once a lava river. Today it has very interesting formations. The white line you see in the middle is actually the hiking trail (it goes on the top until the beginning of the valley and then descends down and crosses the valley on the way back).

[pic 3]
A view from the entrance to the valley.

[pic 4]
Oh my god, IT'S ALIVE!!

[pic 5]
Mark is taking a picture from another strange position.

[pic 6]
Another lava river, about 25 years old.

[pic 7]
  The road to nowhere. Once this road led to the place where the lava met the ocean. At some point during 1989 the lava changed its mind about the location of this place ... This is too bad, because when we were there, there was no easy way to get close to the actual lava flow.
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