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Genes by Modules

Below is a list of all genes by the modules they were assigned to.

ORFNameModuleModule Description
YBL030CPET91Respiration and carbon regulation
YBL045CCOR11Respiration and carbon regulation
YBL099WATP11Respiration and carbon regulation
YBR039WATP31Respiration and carbon regulation
YBR050CREG21Respiration and carbon regulation
YBR297WMAL331Respiration and carbon regulation
YBR298CMAL311Respiration and carbon regulation
YDL004WATP161Respiration and carbon regulation
YDL194WSNF31Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR096WGIS11Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR148CKGD21Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR178WSDH41Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR247W1Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR298CATP51Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR377WATP171Respiration and carbon regulation
YDR529CQCR71Respiration and carbon regulation
YEL024WRIP11Respiration and carbon regulation
YFR033CQCR61Respiration and carbon regulation
YGL187CCOX41Respiration and carbon regulation
YGL191WCOX131Respiration and carbon regulation
YGL208WSIP21Respiration and carbon regulation
YGR146C1Respiration and carbon regulation
YGR174CCBP41Respiration and carbon regulation
YGR183CQCR91Respiration and carbon regulation
YHL032CGUT11Respiration and carbon regulation
YHR051WCOX61Respiration and carbon regulation
YIL162WSUC21Respiration and carbon regulation
YJL067W1Respiration and carbon regulation
YJL102WMEF21Respiration and carbon regulation
YJL141CYAK11Respiration and carbon regulation
YJL166WQCR81Respiration and carbon regulation
YJR077CMIR11Respiration and carbon regulation
YJR121WATP21Respiration and carbon regulation
YKL016CATP71Respiration and carbon regulation
YKL085WMDH11Respiration and carbon regulation
YKL141WSDH31Respiration and carbon regulation
YKL148CSDH11Respiration and carbon regulation
YLR038CCOX121Respiration and carbon regulation
YLR177W1Respiration and carbon regulation
YLR294C1Respiration and carbon regulation
YLR395CCOX81Respiration and carbon regulation
YML120CNDI11Respiration and carbon regulation
YMR031C1Respiration and carbon regulation
YMR191W1Respiration and carbon regulation
YMR256CCOX71Respiration and carbon regulation
YNL077W1Respiration and carbon regulation
YNL125CESBP61Respiration and carbon regulation
YOR065WCYT11Respiration and carbon regulation
YOR228C1Respiration and carbon regulation
YPL057CSUR11Respiration and carbon regulation
YPL078CATP41Respiration and carbon regulation
YPL134CODC11Respiration and carbon regulation
YPL262WFUM11Respiration and carbon regulation
YPR020WATP201Respiration and carbon regulation
YPR191WQCR21Respiration and carbon regulation
YAL060WBDH12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR001CNTH22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR026CMRF1'2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR046CZTA12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR126CTPS12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR132CAGP22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YDL025C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YDR019CGCV12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YDR077WSED12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YDR085CAFR12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YER054CGIP22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YER121W2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YFL016CMDJ12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YFL042C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YFL054C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGL062WPYC12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGL180WAPG12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGL184CSTR32Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGL248WPDE12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGL259WYPS52Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGR194CXKS12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YGR244CLSC22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YHR001W-AQCR102Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YHR209W2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YIL101CXBP12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YIL111WCOX5B2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YIR017CMET282Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YJL057CIKS12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YJR148WBAT22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL036C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL062WMSN42Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL065CYET12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL142WMRP82Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL163WPIR32Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKL193CSDS222Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKR067WGPT22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YKR091WSRL32Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YLL023C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YLR304CACO12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YLR438WCAR22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YML004CGLO12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YML070WDAK12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YML091CRPM22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YMR040W2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YMR174CPAI32Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YNL007CSIS12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YNL037CIDH12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOL016CCMK22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOL047C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOL071WEMI52Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR019W2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR036WPEP122Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR134WBAG72Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR136WIDH22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR215C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR230WWTM12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR347CPYK22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YOR386WPHR12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPL123CRNY12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPL135WISU12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPL203WTPK22Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPL230W2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPR154WPIN32Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YPR160WGPH12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling
YBR054WYRO23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YBR116C3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YBR117CTKL23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YBR147W3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YCR005CCIT23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YCR021CHSP303Energy and Osmotic stress I
YDL024CDIA33Energy and Osmotic stress I
YDL181WINH13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YDR342CHXT73Energy and Osmotic stress I
YDR343CHXT63Energy and Osmotic stress I
YER067W3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YFR015CGSY13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YFR017C3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YGR008CSTF23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YGR043C3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YGR052W3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YGR142WBTN23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YGR243W3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YHR140W3Energy and Osmotic stress I
YJL153CINO13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YJR073COPI33Energy and Osmotic stress I
YKL103CLAP43Energy and Osmotic stress I
YLL041CSDH23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YLR178CTFS13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YLR258WGSY23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YML100WTSL13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YNL015WPBI23Energy and Osmotic stress I
YOR120WGCY13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YOR178CGAC13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YOR273CTPO43Energy and Osmotic stress I
YPR002WPDH13Energy and Osmotic stress I
YAL054CACS14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YBL015WACH14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YBL043WECM134Energy and Osmotic stress II
YBR051W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YCR010CADY24Energy and Osmotic stress II
YDL085WNDE24Energy and Osmotic stress II
YDR256CCTA14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YDR277CMTH14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YDR536WSTL14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YER065CICL14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YFL030W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YGR067C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YGR236CSPG14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YHR139CSPS1004Energy and Osmotic stress II
YIL057C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YJL089WSIP44Energy and Osmotic stress II
YJL116CNCA34Energy and Osmotic stress II
YJR095WSFC14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YKL107W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YKL109WHAP44Energy and Osmotic stress II
YKL187C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YKL217WJEN14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YKR097WPCK14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YLR164W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YLR174WIDP24Energy and Osmotic stress II
YLR311C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YLR377CFBP14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YML054CCYB24Energy and Osmotic stress II
YMR107W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YMR175WSIP184Energy and Osmotic stress II
YMR206W4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YMR322C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YNL117WMLS14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YNL144C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YOR031WCRS54Energy and Osmotic stress II
YOR100CCRC14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YOR348CPUT44Energy and Osmotic stress II
YOR391C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YPL147WPXA14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YPL201C4Energy and Osmotic stress II
YPL223CGRE14Energy and Osmotic stress II
YPR030WCSR24Energy and Osmotic stress II
YBR082CUBC45Glycolysis and Folding
YBR196CPGI15Glycolysis and Folding
YCL043CPDI15Glycolysis and Folding
YCL050CAPA15Glycolysis and Folding
YCR012WPGK15Glycolysis and Folding
YCR088WABP15Glycolysis and Folding
YDR002WYRB15Glycolysis and Folding
YDR050CTPI15Glycolysis and Folding
YDR134C5Glycolysis and Folding
YDR497CITR15Glycolysis and Folding
YDR518WEUG15Glycolysis and Folding
YGL106WMLC15Glycolysis and Folding
YGL221CNIF35Glycolysis and Folding
YGR189CCRH15Glycolysis and Folding
YGR192CTDH35Glycolysis and Folding
YGR254WENO15Glycolysis and Folding
YHR043CDOG25Glycolysis and Folding
YHR174WENO25Glycolysis and Folding
YIL051CMMF15Glycolysis and Folding
YJL052WTDH15Glycolysis and Folding
YJR009CTDH25Glycolysis and Folding
YKL060CFBA15Glycolysis and Folding
YKL152CGPM15Glycolysis and Folding
YKL164CPIR15Glycolysis and Folding
YLR110CCCW125Glycolysis and Folding
YLR121CYPS35Glycolysis and Folding
YMR214WSCJ15Glycolysis and Folding
YMR303CADH25Glycolysis and Folding
YNL035C5Glycolysis and Folding
YNL064CYDJ15Glycolysis and Folding
YNL079CTPM15Glycolysis and Folding
YNL185CMRPL195Glycolysis and Folding
YOL038WPRE65Glycolysis and Folding
YOL059WGPD25Glycolysis and Folding
YOL086CADH15Glycolysis and Folding
YPL106CSSE15Glycolysis and Folding
YPR183WDPM15Glycolysis and Folding
YBR018CGAL76Galactose metabolism
YBR019CGAL106Galactose metabolism
YBR020WGAL16Galactose metabolism
YLR081WGAL26Galactose metabolism
YBR120CCBP67Snf kinase regulated processes
YBR225W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YCL067CHMLALPHA27Snf kinase regulated processes
YCR007C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YCR083WTRX37Snf kinase regulated processes
YDL091C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YDL149WAPG97Snf kinase regulated processes
YDL183C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YDL245CHXT157Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR022CCIS17Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR124W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR125CECM187Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR282C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR329CPEX37Snf kinase regulated processes
YDR426C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YER098WUBP97Snf kinase regulated processes
YER101CAST27Snf kinase regulated processes
YER182W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YFL060CSNO37Snf kinase regulated processes
YGL081W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YGL134WPCL107Snf kinase regulated processes
YGL218W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YGR046W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YGR143WSKN17Snf kinase regulated processes
YGR238CKEL27Snf kinase regulated processes
YHL043WECM347Snf kinase regulated processes
YHR054C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YHR080C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YHR180W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YHR202W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YIL050WPCL77Snf kinase regulated processes
YIL071CPCI87Snf kinase regulated processes
YIL122WPOG17Snf kinase regulated processes
YIL170WHXT127Snf kinase regulated processes
YIL172C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YIR041W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YJL100WLSB67Snf kinase regulated processes
YJL206C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YJL221CFSP27Snf kinase regulated processes
YJR107W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YJR119C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YJR130CSTR27Snf kinase regulated processes
YJR158WHXT167Snf kinase regulated processes
YKL123W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YKR101WSIR17Snf kinase regulated processes
YLL025W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YLR097C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YLR165CPUS57Snf kinase regulated processes
YLR189CUGT517Snf kinase regulated processes
YLR193C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YLR271W7Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR034C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR052C-A7Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR097CMTG17Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR141C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR156CTPP17Snf kinase regulated processes
YMR159CAPG167Snf kinase regulated processes
YNL012WSPO17Snf kinase regulated processes
YNL183CNPR17Snf kinase regulated processes
YNL223WAUT27Snf kinase regulated processes
YOL099C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YOL157C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YOL159C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YOR023CAHC17Snf kinase regulated processes
YOR037WCYC27Snf kinase regulated processes
YOR040WGLO47Snf kinase regulated processes
YOR113WAZF17Snf kinase regulated processes
YOR245CDGA17Snf kinase regulated processes
YPL060WLPE107Snf kinase regulated processes
YPL109C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YPL159C7Snf kinase regulated processes
YPL164CMLH37Snf kinase regulated processes
YPR008WHAA17Snf kinase regulated processes
YPR201WARR37Snf kinase regulated processes
YBR294WSUL18Nitrogen catabolite repression
YDL059CRAD598Nitrogen catabolite repression
YDL170WUGA38Nitrogen catabolite repression
YDR253CMET328Nitrogen catabolite repression
YEL072WRMD68Nitrogen catabolite repression
YER069WARG5,68Nitrogen catabolite repression
YFR030WMET108Nitrogen catabolite repression
YGR121CMEP18Nitrogen catabolite repression
YGR153W8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YGR154C8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YHL016CDUR38Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIL165C8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR018WYAP58Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR027CDAL18Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR028WDAL48Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR029WDAL28Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR030CDCG18Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR031CDAL78Nitrogen catabolite repression
YIR032CDAL38Nitrogen catabolite repression
YJR094CIME18Nitrogen catabolite repression
YJR152WDAL58Nitrogen catabolite repression
YKR033C8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YKR034WDAL808Nitrogen catabolite repression
YLR053C8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YLR092WSUL28Nitrogen catabolite repression
YNL142WMEP28Nitrogen catabolite repression
YNL276C8Nitrogen catabolite repression
YNL277WMET28Nitrogen catabolite repression
YPR194COPT28Nitrogen catabolite repression
YBR068CBAP29AA metabolism I
YCL018WLEU29AA metabolism I
YCL025CAGP19AA metabolism I
YER024WYAT29AA metabolism I
YER081WSER39AA metabolism I
YGL125WMET139AA metabolism I
YGL178WMPT59AA metabolism I
YGR125W9AA metabolism I
YGR239CPEX219AA metabolism I
YHR018CARG49AA metabolism I
YHR053CCUP1-19AA metabolism I
YHR055CCUP1-29AA metabolism I
YHR176W9AA metabolism I
YIL074CSER339AA metabolism I
YIL116WHIS59AA metabolism I
YIR034CLYS19AA metabolism I
YJL060WBNA39AA metabolism I
YJL088WARG39AA metabolism I
YJL172WCPS19AA metabolism I
YKL218CSRY19AA metabolism I
YKR039WGAP19AA metabolism I
YKR069WMET19AA metabolism I
YLL027WISA19AA metabolism I
YLL055W9AA metabolism I
YLR155CASP3-19AA metabolism I
YLR157CASP3-29AA metabolism I
YLR158CASP3-39AA metabolism I
YLR160CASP3-49AA metabolism I
YML007WYAP19AA metabolism I
YMR096WSNZ19AA metabolism I
YMR255WGFD19AA metabolism I
YOL058WARG19AA metabolism I
YOL108CINO49AA metabolism I
YOR130CORT19AA metabolism I
YOR327CSNC29AA metabolism I
YOR328WPDR109AA metabolism I
YPL026CSKS19AA metabolism I
YPL088W9AA metabolism I
YPR167CMET169AA metabolism I
YBL002WHTB210AA metabolism II
YBL003CHTA210AA metabolism II
YBR009CHHF110AA metabolism II
YBR104WYMC210AA metabolism II
YBR248CHIS710AA metabolism II
YDL184CRPL41A10AA metabolism II
YDR502CSAM210AA metabolism II
YEL046CGLY110AA metabolism II
YER052CHOM310AA metabolism II
YER055CHIS110AA metabolism II
YER056CFCY210AA metabolism II
YER073WALD510AA metabolism II
YER086WILV110AA metabolism II
YER145CFTR110AA metabolism II
YFR055W10AA metabolism II
YGL099WLSG110AA metabolism II
YGL101W10AA metabolism II
YGL234WADE5,710AA metabolism II
YGR155WCYS410AA metabolism II
YHR208WBAT110AA metabolism II
YJL111WCCT710AA metabolism II
YJL200C10AA metabolism II
YLR180WSAM110AA metabolism II
YLR293CGSP110AA metabolism II
YLR355CILV510AA metabolism II
YMR241WYHM210AA metabolism II
YMR260CTIF1110AA metabolism II
YNL030WHHF210AA metabolism II
YNL123W10AA metabolism II
YOL123WHRP110AA metabolism II
YOL139CCDC3310AA metabolism II
YOR101WRAS110AA metabolism II
YOR222WODC210AA metabolism II
YOR236WDFR110AA metabolism II
YOR335CALA110AA metabolism II
YPL019CVTC310AA metabolism II
YPL227CALG510AA metabolism II
YAL012WCYS311AA and purine metabolism
YAR015WADE111AA and purine metabolism
YBL005WPDR311AA and purine metabolism
YBR067CTIP111AA and purine metabolism
YBR291CCTP111AA and purine metabolism
YCL030CHIS411AA and purine metabolism
YDL198CYHM111AA and purine metabolism
YDR033WMRH111AA and purine metabolism
YDR046CBAP311AA and purine metabolism
YDR432WNPL311AA and purine metabolism
YDR508CGNP111AA and purine metabolism
YEL009CGCN411AA and purine metabolism
YEL063CCAN111AA and purine metabolism
YER042WMXR111AA and purine metabolism
YER064C11AA and purine metabolism
YGL009CLEU111AA and purine metabolism
YGL032CAGA211AA and purine metabolism
YGR055WMUP111AA and purine metabolism
YGR138CTPO211AA and purine metabolism
YGR180CRNR411AA and purine metabolism
YGR204WADE311AA and purine metabolism
YGR211WZPR111AA and purine metabolism
YIL094CLYS1211AA and purine metabolism
YJL110CGZF311AA and purine metabolism
YJR010WMET311AA and purine metabolism
YJR137CECM1711AA and purine metabolism
YKL001CMET1411AA and purine metabolism
YKL120WOAC111AA and purine metabolism
YKR080WMTD111AA and purine metabolism
YLL061WMMP111AA and purine metabolism
YLR286CCTS111AA and purine metabolism
YLR287C-ARPS30A11AA and purine metabolism
YLR359WADE1311AA and purine metabolism
YMR015CERG511AA and purine metabolism
YMR300CADE411AA and purine metabolism
YNL031CHHT211AA and purine metabolism
YNL129W11AA and purine metabolism
YNL220WADE1211AA and purine metabolism
YNR050CLYS911AA and purine metabolism
YOL064CMET2211AA and purine metabolism
YOL136CPFK2711AA and purine metabolism
YOL140WARG811AA and purine metabolism
YOL143CRIB411AA and purine metabolism
YOL158CENB111AA and purine metabolism
YOR011WAUS111AA and purine metabolism
YOR153WPDR511AA and purine metabolism
YOR184WSER111AA and purine metabolism
YOR344CTYE711AA and purine metabolism
YOR375CGDH111AA and purine metabolism
YPL111WCAR111AA and purine metabolism
YPL274WSAM311AA and purine metabolism
YPR035WGLN111AA and purine metabolism
YPR156CTPO311AA and purine metabolism
YBR021WFUR413Mixed I
YCR087W13Mixed I
YDL122WUBP113Mixed I
YDR021WFAL113Mixed I
YDR225WHTA113Mixed I
YDR297WSUR213Mixed I
YDR491C13Mixed I
YDR492W13Mixed I
YDR523CSPS113Mixed I
YEL048C13Mixed I
YHR062CRPP113Mixed I
YHR070WTRM513Mixed I
YJL098WSAP18513Mixed I
YJR097W13Mixed I
YKL004WAUR113Mixed I
YKL083W13Mixed I
YKR099WBAS113Mixed I
YLR014CPPR113Mixed I
YLR068WFYV713Mixed I
YLR223CIFH113Mixed I
YMR185W13Mixed I
YMR319CFET413Mixed I
YOL079W13Mixed I
YOL080CREX413Mixed I
YOL130WALR113Mixed I
YOL141WPPM213Mixed I
YOR078WBUD2113Mixed I
YOR119CRIO113Mixed I
YAR071WPHO1114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YBL076CILS114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YBR069CTAT114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YBR092CPHO314Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YBR093CPHO514Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YCL064CCHA114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YDL014WNOP114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YDR234WLYS414Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YDR299WBFR214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YDR384C14Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YDR399WHPT114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YGL255WZRT114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YGR079W14Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YGR159CNSR114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YHL015WRPS2014Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YHR215WPHO1214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YIL053WRHR214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YJL157CFAR114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YKL029CMAE114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YKL216WURA114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YLR056WERG314Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YML123CPHO8414Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YMR058WFET314Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YNL065WAQR114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YNL112WDBP214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YOL010WRCL114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YOR313CSPS414Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YOR315W14Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YPL012WRRP1214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YPL093WNOG114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YPL126WNAN114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YPL131WRPL514Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism
YAL036CFUN1115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YBR088CPOL3015mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDL148CNOP1415mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDL152W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDR060WMAK2115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDR144CMKC715mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDR161WTCI115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YDR395WSXM115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YEL055CPOL515mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YER006WNUG115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YER156C15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YGR061CADE615mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YGR090WUTP2215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YGR109CCLB615mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YGR177CATF215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YGR200CELP215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YIR026CYVH115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YJL010C15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YJL050WMTR415mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YJR016CILV315mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YJR147WHMS215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YKL191WDPH215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YML043CRRN1115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YMR006CPLB215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YMR246WFAA415mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNL024C15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNL087W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNL111CCYB515mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNR012WURK115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNR038WDBP615mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNR046W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNR053CNOG215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YNR054C15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOL092W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOL125W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOL144WNOP815mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR051C15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR056CNOB115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR091W15mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR133WEFT115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR207CRET115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR340CRPA4315mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YOR341WRPA19015mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing
YAR002WNUP6016RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YBR156CSLI1516RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YBR276CPPS116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDL164CCDC916RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDL189WRBS116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDL219WDTD116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDL226CGCS116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDR331WGPI816RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YDR414CERD116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YEL033W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YER007C-A16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YER031CYPT3116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YER032WFIR116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YER118CSHO116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YER168CCCA116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YFL001WDEG116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YFR005CSAD116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGL105WARC116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGL155WCDC4316RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGL246CRAI116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGL257CMNT216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGR073C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YGR074WSMD116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YHR201CPPX116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YIL085CKTR716RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJL008CCCT816RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJL009W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJL124CLSM116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJL135W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJR032WCPR716RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YJR069CHAM116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YKL116CPRR116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR008C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR020C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR143W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR210WCLB416RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR212CTUB416RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR229CCDC4216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR230W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YLR380WCSR116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YML021CUNG116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YML038CYMD816RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YML046WPRP3916RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YML094WGIM516RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YMR033WARP916RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YMR130W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YMR221C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YNL089C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YNL108C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YNL109W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YOR159CSME116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YOR165WSEY116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YOR269WPAC116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YOR282W16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YPL050CMNN916RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YPL122CTFB216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YPL199C16RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YPL210CSRP7216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YPR009WSUT216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle
YBL004WUTP2017DNA and RNA processing
YBL009W17DNA and RNA processing
YBL014CRRN617DNA and RNA processing
YBL032WHEK217DNA and RNA processing
YBR115CLYS217DNA and RNA processing
YBR141C17DNA and RNA processing
YBR271W17DNA and RNA processing
YCL063W17DNA and RNA processing
YCR043C17DNA and RNA processing
YCR054CCTR8617DNA and RNA processing
YCR065WHCM117DNA and RNA processing
YDR075WPPH317DNA and RNA processing
YDR245WMNN1017DNA and RNA processing
YER146WLSM517DNA and RNA processing
YFL004WVTC217DNA and RNA processing
YFR056C17DNA and RNA processing
YGL209WMIG217DNA and RNA processing
YGR191WHIP117DNA and RNA processing
YHR072WERG717DNA and RNA processing
YHR120WMSH117DNA and RNA processing
YHR173C17DNA and RNA processing
YHR204WMNL117DNA and RNA processing
YIL008WURM117DNA and RNA processing
YIL016WSNL117DNA and RNA processing
YIL038CNOT317DNA and RNA processing
YIL131CFKH117DNA and RNA processing
YJL025WRRN717DNA and RNA processing
YJL087CTRL117DNA and RNA processing
YJR047CANB117DNA and RNA processing
YJR072C17DNA and RNA processing
YJR132WNMD517DNA and RNA processing
YKL014C17DNA and RNA processing
YKL024CURA617DNA and RNA processing
YKL068WNUP10017DNA and RNA processing
YKL072WSTB617DNA and RNA processing
YKL113CRAD2717DNA and RNA processing
YLL012W17DNA and RNA processing
YLL021WSPA217DNA and RNA processing
YLR059CREX217DNA and RNA processing
YLR244CMAP117DNA and RNA processing
YLR287C17DNA and RNA processing
YLR336CSGD117DNA and RNA processing
YLR384CIKI317DNA and RNA processing
YLR406CRPL31B17DNA and RNA processing
YLR433CCNA117DNA and RNA processing
YML065WORC117DNA and RNA processing
YMR108WILV217DNA and RNA processing
YMR123WPKR117DNA and RNA processing
YMR193C-A17DNA and RNA processing
YMR259C17DNA and RNA processing
YMR266WRSN117DNA and RNA processing
YMR292WGOT117DNA and RNA processing
YMR301CATM117DNA and RNA processing
YNL023CFAP117DNA and RNA processing
YNL088WTOP217DNA and RNA processing
YNL188WKAR117DNA and RNA processing
YNL210WMER117DNA and RNA processing
YNL216WRAP117DNA and RNA processing
YNL217W17DNA and RNA processing
YNL221CPOP117DNA and RNA processing
YOL061WPRS517DNA and RNA processing
YOR108W17DNA and RNA processing
YOR116CRPO3117DNA and RNA processing
YOR175C17DNA and RNA processing
YOR204WDED117DNA and RNA processing
YOR233WKIN417DNA and RNA processing
YOR337WTEA117DNA and RNA processing
YOR342C17DNA and RNA processing
YOR355WGDS117DNA and RNA processing
YPL068C17DNA and RNA processing
YPL197C17DNA and RNA processing
YPL231WFAS217DNA and RNA processing
YPL239WYAR117DNA and RNA processing
YPL241CCIN217DNA and RNA processing
YPR058WYMC117DNA and RNA processing
YPR104CFHL117DNA and RNA processing
YPR120CCLB517DNA and RNA processing
YBL018CPOP818TFs and RNA processing
YBR254CTRS2018TFs and RNA processing
YDL166CFAP718TFs and RNA processing
YDR045CRPC1118TFs and RNA processing
YDR279W18TFs and RNA processing
YDR370C18TFs and RNA processing
YDR381WYRA118TFs and RNA processing
YDR396W18TFs and RNA processing
YDR397CNCB218TFs and RNA processing
YDR526C18TFs and RNA processing
YDR527W18TFs and RNA processing
YER060WFCY2118TFs and RNA processing
YER107CGLE218TFs and RNA processing
YER112WLSM418TFs and RNA processing
YER129WPAK118TFs and RNA processing
YER149CPEA218TFs and RNA processing
YER171WRAD318TFs and RNA processing
YGL256WADH418TFs and RNA processing
YGR093W18TFs and RNA processing
YGR095CRRP4618TFs and RNA processing
YHR069CRRP418TFs and RNA processing
YHR127W18TFs and RNA processing
YHR206WSKN718TFs and RNA processing
YIL092W18TFs and RNA processing
YIL103W18TFs and RNA processing
YIL130WGIN118TFs and RNA processing
YJL006CCTK218TFs and RNA processing
YJL179WPFD118TFs and RNA processing
YJR068WRFC218TFs and RNA processing
YKL048CELM118TFs and RNA processing
YKL074CMUD218TFs and RNA processing
YKL125WRRN318TFs and RNA processing
YKR063CLAS118TFs and RNA processing
YLR015WBRE218TFs and RNA processing
YLR021W18TFs and RNA processing
YML096W18TFs and RNA processing
YML097CVPS918TFs and RNA processing
YML108W18TFs and RNA processing
YMR127CSAS218TFs and RNA processing
YNL068CFKH218TFs and RNA processing
YNL251CNRD118TFs and RNA processing
YNL254C18TFs and RNA processing
YNR025C18TFs and RNA processing
YOL149WDCP118TFs and RNA processing
YOR047CSTD118TFs and RNA processing
YOR143CTHI8018TFs and RNA processing
YOR154W18TFs and RNA processing
YOR212WSTE418TFs and RNA processing
YOR213CSAS518TFs and RNA processing
YOR229WWTM218TFs and RNA processing
YOR283W18TFs and RNA processing
YOR305W18TFs and RNA processing
YOR306CMCH518TFs and RNA processing
YPL038WMET3118TFs and RNA processing
YPL108W18TFs and RNA processing
YPL117CIDI118TFs and RNA processing
YPL193WRSA118TFs and RNA processing
YPR051WMAK318TFs and RNA processing
YPR186CPZF118TFs and RNA processing
YBL052CSAS319TFs and nuclear transport
YBR017CKAP10419TFs and nuclear transport
YBR073WRDH5419TFs and nuclear transport
YBR074W19TFs and nuclear transport
YBR172CSMY219TFs and nuclear transport
YBR206W19TFs and nuclear transport
YBR263WSHM119TFs and nuclear transport
YCL014WBUD319TFs and nuclear transport
YCL046W19TFs and nuclear transport
YDL095WPMT119TFs and nuclear transport
YDR119W19TFs and nuclear transport
YDR326C19TFs and nuclear transport
YFR038W19TFs and nuclear transport
YGL014WPUF419TFs and nuclear transport
YGL016WKAP12219TFs and nuclear transport
YGL195WGCN119TFs and nuclear transport
YGR014WMSB219TFs and nuclear transport
YGR054W19TFs and nuclear transport
YGR114C19TFs and nuclear transport
YGR115C19TFs and nuclear transport
YHR084WSTE1219TFs and nuclear transport
YIL115CNUP15919TFs and nuclear transport
YIL123WSIM119TFs and nuclear transport
YJL075CAPQ1319TFs and nuclear transport
YJL076WNET119TFs and nuclear transport
YJL095WBCK119TFs and nuclear transport
YJL130CURA219TFs and nuclear transport
YKL165CMCD419TFs and nuclear transport
YKL182WFAS119TFs and nuclear transport
YKL209CSTE619TFs and nuclear transport
YKR082WNUP13319TFs and nuclear transport
YLL004WORC319TFs and nuclear transport
YLL048CYBT119TFs and nuclear transport
YLL052CAQY219TFs and nuclear transport
YLR335WNUP219TFs and nuclear transport
YLR342WFKS119TFs and nuclear transport
YML074CFPR319TFs and nuclear transport
YML103CNUP18819TFs and nuclear transport
YMR012WCLU119TFs and nuclear transport
YMR076CPDS519TFs and nuclear transport
YMR080CNAM719TFs and nuclear transport
YMR129WPOM15219TFs and nuclear transport
YMR247C19TFs and nuclear transport
YNR021W19TFs and nuclear transport
YNR051CBRE519TFs and nuclear transport
YOL021CDIS319TFs and nuclear transport
YOL076WMDM2019TFs and nuclear transport
YOR345C19TFs and nuclear transport
YGR012W20TFs I
YIL112W20TFs I
YKR064W20TFs I
YOR017WPET12720TFs I
YOR172W20TFs I
YBR040WFIG122TFs, cell wall and mating
YBR186WPCH222TFs, cell wall and mating
YBR213WMET822TFs, cell wall and mating
YCL066WHMLALPHA122TFs, cell wall and mating
YCR040WALPHA122TFs, cell wall and mating
YDL129W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YDR111C22TFs, cell wall and mating
YDR441CAPT222TFs, cell wall and mating
YDR446WECM1122TFs, cell wall and mating
YEL053CMAK1022TFs, cell wall and mating
YER011WTIR122TFs, cell wall and mating
YER187W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YFR037CRSC822TFs, cell wall and mating
YGL033WHOP222TFs, cell wall and mating
YGR030CPOP622TFs, cell wall and mating
YGR049WSCM422TFs, cell wall and mating
YGR087CPDC622TFs, cell wall and mating
YIL011WTIR322TFs, cell wall and mating
YIL047CSYG122TFs, cell wall and mating
YIL121W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YIR013CGAT422TFs, cell wall and mating
YJL212COPT122TFs, cell wall and mating
YLR013WGAT322TFs, cell wall and mating
YLR343W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YMR042WARG8022TFs, cell wall and mating
YMR244W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YNL204CSPS1822TFs, cell wall and mating
YNL309WSTB122TFs, cell wall and mating
YNR063W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YOL012CHTZ122TFs, cell wall and mating
YOL115WTRF422TFs, cell wall and mating
YOR009WTIR422TFs, cell wall and mating
YOR010CTIR222TFs, cell wall and mating
YOR237WHES122TFs, cell wall and mating
YOR298W22TFs, cell wall and mating
YPL021WECM2322TFs, cell wall and mating
YPL187WMF(ALPHA)122TFs, cell wall and mating
YPR034WARP722TFs, cell wall and mating
YAL051WOAF123TFs and sporulation
YAL062WGDH323TFs and sporulation
YBR045CGIP123TFs and sporulation
YBR275CRIF123TFs and sporulation
YCL001WRER123TFs and sporulation
YCL073C23TFs and sporulation
YDL106CPHO223TFs and sporulation
YDL109C23TFs and sporulation
YDR180WSCC223TFs and sporulation
YDR345CHXT323TFs and sporulation
YER130C23TFs and sporulation
YFL031WHAC123TFs and sporulation
YFR034CPHO423TFs and sporulation
YGL158WRCK123TFs and sporulation
YGR097WASK1023TFs and sporulation
YHL022CSPO1123TFs and sporulation
YHL040CARN123TFs and sporulation
YHR014WSPO1323TFs and sporulation
YHR154WRTT10723TFs and sporulation
YIR019CMUC123TFs and sporulation
YJL056CZAP123TFs and sporulation
YKL044W23TFs and sporulation
YLR308WCDA223TFs and sporulation
YML017WPSP223TFs and sporulation
YML076CWAR123TFs and sporulation
YMR016CSOK223TFs and sporulation
YMR037CMSN223TFs and sporulation
YMR162CDNF323TFs and sporulation
YMR176WECM523TFs and sporulation
YNL139CRLR123TFs and sporulation
YNL242WAPG223TFs and sporulation
YNR057CBIO423TFs and sporulation
YOL110WSHR523TFs and sporulation
YOR140WSFL123TFs and sporulation
YOR302W23TFs and sporulation
YOR378W23TFs and sporulation
YPL016WSWI123TFs and sporulation
YPL017C23TFs and sporulation
YPL020CULP123TFs and sporulation
YPL074WYTA623TFs and sporulation
YPL089CRLM123TFs and sporulation
YPL139CUME123TFs and sporulation
YPL174CNIP10023TFs and sporulation
YAL065C24Sporulation and TFs
YBL109W24Sporulation and TFs
YBL113C24Sporulation and TFs
YBR063C24Sporulation and TFs
YBR270C24Sporulation and TFs
YBR301WDAN324Sporulation and TFs
YCL051WLRE124Sporulation and TFs
YDR073WSNF1124Sporulation and TFs
YDR076WRAD5524Sporulation and TFs
YDR078CSHU224Sporulation and TFs
YDR142CPEX724Sporulation and TFs
YDR160WSSY124Sporulation and TFs
YDR173CARG8224Sporulation and TFs
YDR273WDON124Sporulation and TFs
YDR336W24Sporulation and TFs
YDR338C24Sporulation and TFs
YDR438W24Sporulation and TFs
YDR504C24Sporulation and TFs
YDR506C24Sporulation and TFs
YDR542W24Sporulation and TFs
YEL074W24Sporulation and TFs
YER047CSAP124Sporulation and TFs
YER115CSPR624Sporulation and TFs
YER116CSLX824Sporulation and TFs
YER167WBCK224Sporulation and TFs
YFL020CPAU524Sporulation and TFs
YGL003CCDH124Sporulation and TFs
YGL193C24Sporulation and TFs
YGL254WFZF124Sporulation and TFs
YGR182C24Sporulation and TFs
YHL008C24Sporulation and TFs
YHL027WRIM10124Sporulation and TFs
YHR211WFLO524Sporulation and TFs
YHR213W24Sporulation and TFs
YIL023C24Sporulation and TFs
YIL046WMET3024Sporulation and TFs
YIL143CSSL224Sporulation and TFs
YIL152W24Sporulation and TFs
YIL176C24Sporulation and TFs
YJL022W24Sporulation and TFs
YJL137CGLG224Sporulation and TFs
YJR049CUTR124Sporulation and TFs
YJR115W24Sporulation and TFs
YJR154W24Sporulation and TFs
YKL005C24Sporulation and TFs
YKL095WYJU224Sporulation and TFs
YKL146W24Sporulation and TFs
YKL222C24Sporulation and TFs
YKL224C24Sporulation and TFs
YKR015C24Sporulation and TFs
YLL005CSPO7524Sporulation and TFs
YLL017WSDC2524Sporulation and TFs
YLR005WSSL124Sporulation and TFs
YLR046C24Sporulation and TFs
YLR079WSIC124Sporulation and TFs
YLR082CSRL224Sporulation and TFs
YLR173W24Sporulation and TFs
YLR220WCCC124Sporulation and TFs
YLR461WPAU424Sporulation and TFs
YMR137CPSO224Sporulation and TFs
YMR171C24Sporulation and TFs
YMR201CRAD1424Sporulation and TFs
YMR293C24Sporulation and TFs
YNL033W24Sporulation and TFs
YNL103WMET424Sporulation and TFs
YOL065CINP5424Sporulation and TFs
YOR064CYNG124Sporulation and TFs
YOR147W24Sporulation and TFs
YOR190WSPR124Sporulation and TFs
YOR192C24Sporulation and TFs
YPL282C24Sporulation and TFs
YPR023CEAF324Sporulation and TFs
YPR085C24Sporulation and TFs
YAL034CFUN1925Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YBR105CVID2425Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YBR203W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YBR241C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YBR280C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YCR091WKIN8225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDL169CUGX225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDL215CGDH225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDL223CHBT125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDR018C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDR043CNRG125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDR058CTGL225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDR230W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YDR231CCOX2025Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YEL041W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YEL059C-ASOM125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YER020WGPA225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YGL096WTOS825Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YGL250W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YGR032WGSC225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YGR053C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YGR066C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YHL024WRIM425Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YIL077C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YIL087C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YIL113WSDP125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YIL155CGUT225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YIR016W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YJL045W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YJL103C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YJL164CTPK125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YJR066WTOR125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YJR078WBNA225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YKR046C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YLR273CPIG125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YLR284CECI125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YLR297W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YML118WNGL325Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR007W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR103C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR104CYPK225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR133WREC11425Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR136WGAT225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YMR195WICY125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YNL092W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YNL093WYPT5325Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YNL173CMDG125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YNL237WYTP125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YNR002CFUN3425Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YOL152WFRE725Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YOL162W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YOR003WYSP325Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YOR032CHMS125Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YOR121C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YPL185W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YPL247C25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YPR006CICL225Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YPR127W25Sporulation and cAMP pathway
YAL067CSEO126Sporulation and Cell wall
YBL065W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YBR182CSMP126Sporulation and Cell wall
YBR240CTHI226Sporulation and Cell wall
YDL048CSTP426Sporulation and Cell wall
YDL049CKNH126Sporulation and Cell wall
YDL079CMRK126Sporulation and Cell wall
YDR009WGAL326Sporulation and Cell wall
YDR218CSPR2826Sporulation and Cell wall
YDR534CFIT126Sporulation and Cell wall
YER015WFAA226Sporulation and Cell wall
YER084W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YER088CDOT626Sporulation and Cell wall
YER179WDMC126Sporulation and Cell wall
YER188W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YFL011WHXT1026Sporulation and Cell wall
YFL051C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YFL052W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YFL053WDAK226Sporulation and Cell wall
YFL055WAGP326Sporulation and Cell wall
YFR022W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YFR026C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YFR036WCDC2626Sporulation and Cell wall
YGL146C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YGL166WCUP226Sporulation and Cell wall
YGL188C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR059WSPR326Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR144WTHI426Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR225WAMA126Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR226C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR249WMGA126Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR289CMAL1126Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR290W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YGR292WMAL1226Sporulation and Cell wall
YHL028WWSC426Sporulation and Cell wall
YHR033W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YIL119CRPI126Sporulation and Cell wall
YIL160CPOT126Sporulation and Cell wall
YJL160C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YJR038C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YJR153WPGU126Sporulation and Cell wall
YKL050C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YKL221WMCH226Sporulation and Cell wall
YKR102WFLO1026Sporulation and Cell wall
YLR054C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YLR307WCDA126Sporulation and Cell wall
YML083C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YMR017WSPO2026Sporulation and Cell wall
YMR084W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YMR101CSRT126Sporulation and Cell wall
YMR145CNDE126Sporulation and Cell wall
YMR280CCAT826Sporulation and Cell wall
YNL014WHEF326Sporulation and Cell wall
YNL052WCOX5A26Sporulation and Cell wall
YNL270CALP126Sporulation and Cell wall
YNL333WSNZ226Sporulation and Cell wall
YNR069C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YNR070WPDR1826Sporulation and Cell wall
YNR071C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YNR073C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YOL126CMDH226Sporulation and Cell wall
YOL131W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YOL147CPEX1126Sporulation and Cell wall
YOL163W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR034CAKR226Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR049CRSB126Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR107WRGS226Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR125CCAT526Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR392W26Sporulation and Cell wall
YOR393WERR126Sporulation and Cell wall
YPL092WSSU126Sporulation and Cell wall
YPL119CDBP126Sporulation and Cell wall
YPL271WATP1526Sporulation and Cell wall
YPL275WFDH226Sporulation and Cell wall
YPL281CERR226Sporulation and Cell wall
YPR007CSPO6926Sporulation and Cell wall
YPR015C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YPR027C26Sporulation and Cell wall
YAL044CGCV327Cell wall and transport I
YBR005W27Cell wall and transport I
YBR037CSCO127Cell wall and transport I
YBR284W27Cell wall and transport I
YDL119C27Cell wall and transport I
YDR259CYAP627Cell wall and transport I
YER178WPDA127Cell wall and transport I
YHL030WECM2927Cell wall and transport I
YHR030CSLT227Cell wall and transport I
YHR044CDOG127Cell wall and transport I
YIR036C27Cell wall and transport I
YJL159WHSP15027Cell wall and transport I
YJR045CSSC127Cell wall and transport I
YJR125CENT327Cell wall and transport I
YLL028WTPO127Cell wall and transport I
YLR133WCKI127Cell wall and transport I
YLR348CDIC127Cell wall and transport I
YNL098CRAS227Cell wall and transport I
YOL088CMPD227Cell wall and transport I
YOR181WLAS1727Cell wall and transport I
YPL097WMSY127Cell wall and transport I
YPL171COYE327Cell wall and transport I
YPR124WCTR127Cell wall and transport I
YAL002WVPS828Cell wall and Transport II
YAL048C28Cell wall and Transport II
YBR207WFTH128Cell wall and Transport II
YDL174CDLD128Cell wall and Transport II
YDR216WADR128Cell wall and Transport II
YDR293CSSD128Cell wall and Transport II
YDR406WPDR1528Cell wall and Transport II
YDR421WARO8028Cell wall and Transport II
YEL020C28Cell wall and Transport II
YEL030WECM1028Cell wall and Transport II
YEL073C28Cell wall and Transport II
YER033CZRG828Cell wall and Transport II
YGL035CMIG128Cell wall and Transport II
YGL258WVEL128Cell wall and Transport II
YGR022C28Cell wall and Transport II
YGR070WROM128Cell wall and Transport II
YGR131W28Cell wall and Transport II
YGR205W28Cell wall and Transport II
YGR281WYOR128Cell wall and Transport II
YGR287C28Cell wall and Transport II
YGR288WMAL1328Cell wall and Transport II
YHR021W-AECM1228Cell wall and Transport II
YHR082CKSP128Cell wall and Transport II
YIL042C28Cell wall and Transport II
YIL055C28Cell wall and Transport II
YIL056W28Cell wall and Transport II
YIL125WKGD128Cell wall and Transport II
YIL166C28Cell wall and Transport II
YIR014W28Cell wall and Transport II
YJL070C28Cell wall and Transport II
YJL082WIML228Cell wall and Transport II
YJR035WRAD2628Cell wall and Transport II
YJR036CHUL428Cell wall and Transport II
YJR039W28Cell wall and Transport II
YJR091CJSN128Cell wall and Transport II
YJR127CZMS128Cell wall and Transport II
YJR149W28Cell wall and Transport II
YKL171W28Cell wall and Transport II
YKR096W28Cell wall and Transport II
YLR070CXYL228Cell wall and Transport II
YLR151CPCD128Cell wall and Transport II
YMR085W28Cell wall and Transport II
YMR160W28Cell wall and Transport II
YMR261CTPS328Cell wall and Transport II
YMR279C28Cell wall and Transport II
YNL006WLST828Cell wall and Transport II
YNR047W28Cell wall and Transport II
YOL100WPKH228Cell wall and Transport II
YOR005CDNL428Cell wall and Transport II
YOR030WDFG1628Cell wall and Transport II
YOR035CSHE428Cell wall and Transport II
YOR055W28Cell wall and Transport II
YOR177CMPC5428Cell wall and Transport II
YOR227W28Cell wall and Transport II
YOR384WFRE528Cell wall and Transport II
YOR387C28Cell wall and Transport II
YPL018WCTF1928Cell wall and Transport II
YPL114W28Cell wall and Transport II
YPL177CCUP928Cell wall and Transport II
YPL219WPCL828Cell wall and Transport II
YPL222W28Cell wall and Transport II
YPL257W28Cell wall and Transport II
YPR003C28Cell wall and Transport II
YBR078WECM3329Cell differentiation
YBR162CTOS129Cell differentiation
YCL027WFUS129Cell differentiation
YDL055CPSA129Cell differentiation
YDR433WKRE2229Cell differentiation
YDR461WMFA129Cell differentiation
YER003CPMI4029Cell differentiation
YFL026WSTE229Cell differentiation
YFR009WGCN2029Cell differentiation
YGL202WARO829Cell differentiation
YGL253WHXK229Cell differentiation
YGR108WCLB129Cell differentiation
YGR123CPPT129Cell differentiation
YGR152CRSR129Cell differentiation
YHR143WDSE229Cell differentiation
YHR193CEGD229Cell differentiation
YIL015WBAR129Cell differentiation
YJL158CCIS329Cell differentiation
YJR105WADO129Cell differentiation
YKR013WPRY229Cell differentiation
YKR042WUTH129Cell differentiation
YLR179C29Cell differentiation
YLR300WEXG129Cell differentiation
YLR378CSEC6129Cell differentiation
YLR420WURA429Cell differentiation
YLR452CSST229Cell differentiation
YML008CERG629Cell differentiation
YML126CERG1329Cell differentiation
YMR202WERG229Cell differentiation
YMR304C-A29Cell differentiation
YMR305CSCW1029Cell differentiation
YNL044WYIP329Cell differentiation
YNL145WMFA229Cell differentiation
YNR044WAGA129Cell differentiation
YOR198CBFR129Cell differentiation
YOR239WABP14029Cell differentiation
YOR247WSRL129Cell differentiation
YOR248W29Cell differentiation
YPL028WERG1029Cell differentiation
YPL094CSEC6229Cell differentiation
YPL163CSVS129Cell differentiation
YBR158WCST1330Cell cycle (G2/M)
YDL003WMCD130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YDR024WFYV130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YDR146CSWI530Cell cycle (G2/M)
YDR309CGIC230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YDR507CGIN430Cell cycle (G2/M)
YEL051WVMA830Cell cycle (G2/M)
YFL037WTUB230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YGL021WALK130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YGL028CSCW1130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YGL077CHNM130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YGL116WCDC2030Cell cycle (G2/M)
YGR175CERG130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YIL158W30Cell cycle (G2/M)
YJL051W30Cell cycle (G2/M)
YJL168CSET230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YJR031CGEA130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YJR092WBUD430Cell cycle (G2/M)
YKL185WASH130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YLR045CSTU230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YLR057W30Cell cycle (G2/M)
YLR084CRAX230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YMR001CCDC530Cell cycle (G2/M)
YMR032WHOF130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YMR199WCLN130Cell cycle (G2/M)
YNL327WEGT230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YOL007C30Cell cycle (G2/M)
YOR025WHST330Cell cycle (G2/M)
YPL256CCLN230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YPR119WCLB230Cell cycle (G2/M)
YBL031WSHE131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YBL061CSKT531Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YBL079WNUP17031Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YBR060CORC231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YBR133CHSL731Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YCR052WRSC631Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YCR084CTUP131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDL074CBRE131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDR081CPDC231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDR207CUME631Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDR213WUPC231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDR301WCFT131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YDR310CSUM131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YER114CBOI231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YER164WCHD131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YGL071WRCS131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YGL145WTIP2031Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YGL244WRTF131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YGR075CPRP3831Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YGR089W31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YHL007CSTE2031Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YHL014CYLF231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YHR061CGIC131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YHR119WSET131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YIL026CIRR131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YIL129CTAO331Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YIL147CSLN131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL074CSMC331Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL115WASF131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL127CSPT1031Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL129CTRK131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL169W31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL176CSWI331Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJL197WUBP1231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJR060WCBF131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YJR140CHIR331Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YKL173WSNU11431Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YKL176CLST431Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YKR010CTOF231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YKR028WSAP19031Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YKR036CCAF431Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLL007C31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR022C31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR071CRGR131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR086WSMC431Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR096WKIN231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR131CACE231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR145W31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR182WSWI631Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR228CECM2231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR263WRED131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR398CSKI231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR410WVIP131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YLR451WLEU331Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YML109WZDS231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR043WMCM131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR078CCTF1831Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR109WMYO531Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR179WSPT2131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR198WCIK131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YMR288WHSH15531Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YNL082WPMS131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YNL222WSSU7231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YNL229CURE231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YNL233WBNI431Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YOR038CHIR231Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YOR370CMRS631Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YPL075WGCR131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YPL105C31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YPR052CNHP6A31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YPR130C31Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism
YBL036C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YBR087WRFC532Cell cycle and general TFs
YBR127CVMA232Cell cycle and general TFs
YBR164CARL132Cell cycle and general TFs
YBR166CTYR132Cell cycle and general TFs
YBR288CAPM332Cell cycle and general TFs
YCR090C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YDL092WSRP1432Cell cycle and general TFs
YDL165WCDC3632Cell cycle and general TFs
YDL225WSHS132Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR098CGRX332Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR117C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR189WSLY132Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR372CVPS7432Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR390CUBA232Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR410CSTE1432Cell cycle and general TFs
YDR531W32Cell cycle and general TFs
YER122CGLO332Cell cycle and general TFs
YFR013WIOC332Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL020CSWF332Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL050W32Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL083WSCY132Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL112CTAF632Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL224CSDT132Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL231C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YGL232W32Cell cycle and general TFs
YGR119CNUP5732Cell cycle and general TFs
YGR166WKRE1132Cell cycle and general TFs
YGR267CFOL232Cell cycle and general TFs
YIL027CKRE2732Cell cycle and general TFs
YIL035CCKA132Cell cycle and general TFs
YIL044CAGE232Cell cycle and general TFs
YJL201WECM2532Cell cycle and general TFs
YJL204CRCY132Cell cycle and general TFs
YJL209WCBP132Cell cycle and general TFs
YJR075WHOC132Cell cycle and general TFs
YJR076CCDC1132Cell cycle and general TFs
YKL092CBUD232Cell cycle and general TFs
YKL114CAPN132Cell cycle and general TFs
YKL119CVPH232Cell cycle and general TFs
YKR008WRSC432Cell cycle and general TFs
YKR084CHBS132Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR026CSED532Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR095CIOC232Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR100WERG2732Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR101C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR226WBUR232Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR277CYSH132Cell cycle and general TFs
YLR292CSEC7232Cell cycle and general TFs
YML069WPOB332Cell cycle and general TFs
YMR005WTAF432Cell cycle and general TFs
YMR091CNPL632Cell cycle and general TFs
YMR208WERG1232Cell cycle and general TFs
YMR220WERG832Cell cycle and general TFs
YNL041CCOG632Cell cycle and general TFs
YNL099COCA132Cell cycle and general TFs
YNL167CSKO132Cell cycle and general TFs
YNL261WORC532Cell cycle and general TFs
YNL280CERG2432Cell cycle and general TFs
YOR164C32Cell cycle and general TFs
YPL001WHAT132Cell cycle and general TFs
YPL053CKTR632Cell cycle and general TFs
YPL069CBTS132Cell cycle and general TFs
YPL178WCBC232Cell cycle and general TFs
YAR027WUIP333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBL101CECM2133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBR024WSCO233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBR114WRAD1633Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBR212WNGR133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBR290WBSD233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YCL052CPBN133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YCR011CADP133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YCR036WRBK133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDL010W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDL072C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR069CDOA433Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR122WKIN133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR168WCDC3733Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR202CRAV233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR276CPMP333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR287W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR306C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR330W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR436WPPZ233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YDR505CPSP133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YER162CRAD433Mitochondrial and Signaling
YFR045W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YFR047CBNA633Mitochondrial and Signaling
YFR049WYMR3133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR028WMSP133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR086C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR112WSHY133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR141WVPS6233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR223C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR255CCOQ633Mitochondrial and Signaling
YGR258CRAD233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHL010C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHR113W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHR161CYAP180133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHR195WNVJ133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHR198C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YHR199C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YIL033CBCY133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YIL098CFMC133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YIR007W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YJL036WSNX433Mitochondrial and Signaling
YJL042WMHP133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YJL151CSNA333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YJR085C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YJR106WECM2733Mitochondrial and Signaling
YKL034WTUL133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YKL064WMNR233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YKL168CKKQ833Mitochondrial and Signaling
YKR052CMRS433Mitochondrial and Signaling
YKR089C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLL001WDNM133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLL019CKNS133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLR093CNYV133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLR120CYPS133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLR248WRCK233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YLR392C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YML057WCMP233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR020WFMS133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR030W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR135CDCR133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR139WRIM1133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR140WSIP533Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR152WYIM133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR193WMRPL2433Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR278W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YMR311CGLC833Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNL074CMLF333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNL156C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNL159CASI233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNL293WMSB333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNR007CAUT133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNR032WPPG133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YNR034WSOL133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOL053W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOL060CMAM333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOL096CCOQ333Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOL156WHXT1133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOR018WROD133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOR054C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOR162CYRR133Mitochondrial and Signaling
YOR352W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YPL152WRRD233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YPL206C33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YPR075COPY233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YPR155CNCA233Mitochondrial and Signaling
YPR172W33Mitochondrial and Signaling
YBR066CNRG234Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YBR083WTEC134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YBR185CMBA134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YBR286WAPE334Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YCL057WPRD134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDL146W34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDR099WBMH234Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDR129CSAC634Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDR251WPAM134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDR304CCPR534Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YDR503CLPP134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YER026CCHO134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YER177WBMH134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YFL018CLPD134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YFR042W34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YGL229CSAP434Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YGR136WLSB134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YGR232WNAS634Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YHL035C34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YJL170CASG734Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YKL192CACP134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YKL194CMST134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YKL210WUBA134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YKR098CUBP1134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YLL058W34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YLR089C34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YLR176CRFX134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YLR203CMSS5134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YML078WCPR334Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YMR092CAIP134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YNL045W34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YOR092WECM334Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YOR142WLSC134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YOR176WHEM1534Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YOR187WTUF134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YOR288CMPD134Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YPR004C34Mitochondrial and Protein fate
YAL030WSNC135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YAL049C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBL050WSEC1735Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBL058WSHP135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBR035CPDX335Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBR044CTCM6235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBR150CTBS135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBR273C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YCR069WCPR435Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR041WRSM1035Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR079WPET10035Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR105C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR131C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR197WCBS235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR203W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR246WTRS2335Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR289CRTT10335Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR319C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR369CXRS235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR379WRGA235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR387C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR423CCAD135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR425W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR435CPPM135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR479C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR490CPKH135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR494WRSM2835Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YDR511WACN935Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL018CJAC135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL053WPRM835Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL073WHSF135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL153WPEX1435Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL181WGTS135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL185C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL196W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL219CMMM235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGL227WVID3035Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGR076CMRPL2535Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGR100WMDR135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGR132CPHB135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YGR222WPET5435Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHL019CAPM235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHR001WOSH735Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHR004CNEM135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHR011WDIA435Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHR028CDAP235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YHR178WSTB535Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YIL036WCST635Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YIR024CGIF135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YJL055W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YJL149W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YJL199C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YJR100C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YKL023W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YKL094WYJU335Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YKL189WHYM135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YKL208WCBT135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR025WSNF735Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR102CAPC935Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR201C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR240WVPS3435Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR283W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR289WGUF135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR324W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR352W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YLR362WSTE1135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YMR027WHRT235Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YMR098C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YMR119WASI135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YMR148W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YMR284WYKU7035Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YNL011C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YNL025CSSN835Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YNL100W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YNL214WPEX1735Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YNL265CIST135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOL133WHRT135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOR070CGYP135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOR089CVPS2135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOR097C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOR155C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YOR292C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YPL003WULA135Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YPL191C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YPL264C35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YPR140W35Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YPR185WAPG1335Trafficking and Mitochondrial
YBR245CISW136ER and Nuclear
YDL040CNAT136ER and Nuclear
YDL185WTFP136ER and Nuclear
YDR062WLCB236ER and Nuclear
YDR127WARO136ER and Nuclear
YDR257CRMS136ER and Nuclear
YDR261CEXG236ER and Nuclear
YDR292CSRP10136ER and Nuclear
YDR303CRSC336ER and Nuclear
YER023WPRO336ER and Nuclear
YER090WTRP236ER and Nuclear
YER105CNUP15736ER and Nuclear
YER113C36ER and Nuclear
YFR002WNIC9636ER and Nuclear
YFR028CCDC1436ER and Nuclear
YGL022WSTT336ER and Nuclear
YGL092WNUP14536ER and Nuclear
YGL137WSEC2736ER and Nuclear
YGL201CMCM636ER and Nuclear
YGL207WSPT1636ER and Nuclear
YGL238WCSE136ER and Nuclear
YGL245W36ER and Nuclear
YGR116WSPT636ER and Nuclear
YGR198W36ER and Nuclear
YGR240CPFK136ER and Nuclear
YGR261CAPL636ER and Nuclear
YHR024CMAS236ER and Nuclear
YHR047CAAP1'36ER and Nuclear
YHR098CSFB336ER and Nuclear
YHR108WGGA236ER and Nuclear
YIL128WMET1836ER and Nuclear
YIL142WCCT236ER and Nuclear
YJR040WGEF136ER and Nuclear
YKL054CDEF136ER and Nuclear
YKL057CNUP12036ER and Nuclear
YKL211CTRP336ER and Nuclear
YKL212WSAC136ER and Nuclear
YKR090WPXL136ER and Nuclear
YKR093WPTR236ER and Nuclear
YLL018CDPS136ER and Nuclear
YLR113WHOG136ER and Nuclear
YLR153CACS236ER and Nuclear
YLR187W36ER and Nuclear
YLR192CHCR136ER and Nuclear
YLR314CCDC336ER and Nuclear
YLR328WNMA136ER and Nuclear
YLR429WCRN136ER and Nuclear
YML031WNDC136ER and Nuclear
YML085CTUB136ER and Nuclear
YML124CTUB336ER and Nuclear
YMR125WSTO136ER and Nuclear
YMR218CTRS13036ER and Nuclear
YNL016WPUB136ER and Nuclear
YNL049CSFB236ER and Nuclear
YNL085WMKT136ER and Nuclear
YNL090WRHO236ER and Nuclear
YNL121CTOM7036ER and Nuclear
YNL154CYCK236ER and Nuclear
YNL189WSRP136ER and Nuclear
YNL238WKEX236ER and Nuclear
YNL283CWSC236ER and Nuclear
YNL287WSEC2136ER and Nuclear
YOL090WMSH236ER and Nuclear
YOR046CDBP536ER and Nuclear
YOR151CRPB236ER and Nuclear
YOR160WMTR1036ER and Nuclear
YOR197WMCA136ER and Nuclear
YOR241WMET736ER and Nuclear
YOR254CSEC6336ER and Nuclear
YOR270CVPH136ER and Nuclear
YOR323CPRO236ER and Nuclear
YOR326WMYO236ER and Nuclear
YPL048WCAM136ER and Nuclear
YPL063W36ER and Nuclear
YPL243WSRP6836ER and Nuclear
YPR105CCOG436ER and Nuclear
YPR129WSCD636ER and Nuclear
YPR181CSEC2336ER and Nuclear
YBL056WPTC337Proteasome and Endocytosis
YDL029WARP237Proteasome and Endocytosis
YDL135CRDI137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YDR371WCTS237Proteasome and Endocytosis
YDR427WRPN937Proteasome and Endocytosis
YDR510WSMT337Proteasome and Endocytosis
YER012WPRE137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YER027CGAL8337Proteasome and Endocytosis
YFR052WRPN1237Proteasome and Endocytosis
YGL013CPDR137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YGL115WSNF437Proteasome and Endocytosis
YGR266W37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YIL010WDOT537Proteasome and Endocytosis
YIL062CARC1537Proteasome and Endocytosis
YJL001WPRE337Proteasome and Endocytosis
YKL126WYPK137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YKL190WCNB137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YKL196CYKT637Proteasome and Endocytosis
YLR387C37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YMR067C37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YMR099C37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YMR192W37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YMR237W37Proteasome and Endocytosis
YNL084CEND337Proteasome and Endocytosis
YOL062CAPM437Proteasome and Endocytosis
YOR117WRPT537Proteasome and Endocytosis
YOR157CPUP137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YOR265WRBL237Proteasome and Endocytosis
YOR357CGRD1937Proteasome and Endocytosis
YPR073CLTP137Proteasome and Endocytosis
YPR108WRPN737Proteasome and Endocytosis
YAL007CERP238Protein modification and trafficking
YAR002C-AERP138Protein modification and trafficking
YBL055C38Protein modification and trafficking
YBR171WSEC6638Protein modification and trafficking
YBR205WKTR338Protein modification and trafficking
YBR210W38Protein modification and trafficking
YBR243CALG738Protein modification and trafficking
YDL015CTSC1338Protein modification and trafficking
YDL052CSLC138Protein modification and trafficking
YDL157C38Protein modification and trafficking
YDL192WARF138Protein modification and trafficking
YDL236WPHO1338Protein modification and trafficking
YDR212WTCP138Protein modification and trafficking
YDR400WURH138Protein modification and trafficking
YEL002CWBP138Protein modification and trafficking
YEL017C-APMP238Protein modification and trafficking
YEL027WCUP538Protein modification and trafficking
YFL039CACT138Protein modification and trafficking
YGL001CERG2638Protein modification and trafficking
YGL012WERG438Protein modification and trafficking
YGL039W38Protein modification and trafficking
YGL067WNPY138Protein modification and trafficking
YGL200CEMP2438Protein modification and trafficking
YGR105WVMA2138Protein modification and trafficking
YGR106C38Protein modification and trafficking
YGR172CYIP138Protein modification and trafficking
YHL003CLAG138Protein modification and trafficking
YHR142WCHS738Protein modification and trafficking
YIL039W38Protein modification and trafficking
YIL040WAPQ1238Protein modification and trafficking
YIL145CPAN638Protein modification and trafficking
YJL097W38Protein modification and trafficking
YJL117WPHO8638Protein modification and trafficking
YJL192C38Protein modification and trafficking
YJR001W38Protein modification and trafficking
YKL127WPGM138Protein modification and trafficking
YKL184WSPE138Protein modification and trafficking
YLR043CTRX138Protein modification and trafficking
YLR088WGAA138Protein modification and trafficking
YLR195CNMT138Protein modification and trafficking
YLR208WSEC1338Protein modification and trafficking
YLR389CSTE2338Protein modification and trafficking
YLR459WCDC9138Protein modification and trafficking
YML019WOST638Protein modification and trafficking
YMR149WSWP138Protein modification and trafficking
YMR203WTOM4038Protein modification and trafficking
YNL070WTOM738Protein modification and trafficking
YNL219CALG938Protein modification and trafficking
YNL291CMID138Protein modification and trafficking
YNL307CMCK138Protein modification and trafficking
YOL103WITR238Protein modification and trafficking
YOR067CALG838Protein modification and trafficking
YOR079CATX238Protein modification and trafficking
YOR085WOST338Protein modification and trafficking
YOR311CHSD138Protein modification and trafficking
YPL145CKES138Protein modification and trafficking
YPL218WSAR138Protein modification and trafficking
YPL244CHUT138Protein modification and trafficking
YPL246C38Protein modification and trafficking
YPR113WPIS138Protein modification and trafficking
YPR114W38Protein modification and trafficking
YAL005CSSA139Protein folding
YDR214WAHA139Protein folding
YEL071WDLD339Protein folding
YER062CHOR239Protein folding
YGL157W39Protein folding
YJL034WKAR239Protein folding
YKL096WCWP139Protein folding
YLL024CSSA239Protein folding
YLR058CSHM239Protein folding
YLR216CCPR639Protein folding
YLR217W39Protein folding
YLR259CHSP6039Protein folding
YLR303WMET1739Protein folding
YML130CERO139Protein folding
YMR186WHSC8239Protein folding
YMR189WGCV239Protein folding
YMR318CADH639Protein folding
YOR020CHSP1039Protein folding
YOR027WSTI139Protein folding
YOR128CADE239Protein folding
YPL061WALD639Protein folding
YPL240CHSP8239Protein folding
YPL265WDIP539Protein folding
YBR008CFLR140Oxidative stress I
YBR047W40Oxidative stress I
YCR107WAAD340Oxidative stress I
YDL243CAAD440Oxidative stress I
YDR473CPRP340Oxidative stress I
YFL056CAAD640Oxidative stress I
YFL057C40Oxidative stress I
YIL167W40Oxidative stress I
YJL026WRNR240Oxidative stress I
YJR155WAAD1040Oxidative stress I
YLL060CGTT240Oxidative stress I
YLR346C40Oxidative stress I
YNL331CAAD1440Oxidative stress I
YOL165CAAD1540Oxidative stress I
YOR226CISU240Oxidative stress I
YBR244WGPX241Oxidative stress II
YDL124W41Oxidative stress II
YDR453CTSA241Oxidative stress II
YDR513WTTR141Oxidative stress II
YGR209CTRX241Oxidative stress II
YJL101CGSH141Oxidative stress II
YKR066CCCP141Oxidative stress II
YLR109WAHP141Oxidative stress II
YML028WTSA141Oxidative stress II
YML116WATR141Oxidative stress II
YML131W41Oxidative stress II
YMR173WDDR4841Oxidative stress II
YNL134C41Oxidative stress II
YOL151WGRE241Oxidative stress II
YOR028CCIN541Oxidative stress II
YAL069W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YAR020CPAU742Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YAR023C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YAR060C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YBL021CHAP342Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YBL066CSEF142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YBR295WPCA142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YCL048W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YCR038CBUD542Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YCR104WPAU342Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YCR105W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDL011C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDL057W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDL176W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR006CSOK142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR030CRAD2842Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR123CINO242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR263CDIN742Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR314C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR317W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR403WDIT142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR437W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YDR544C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YEL069CHXT1342Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YEL070W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YER028C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YER046WSPO7342Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YER184C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YER185W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YFL040W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YFL061W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YFL063W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YFR023WPES442Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL074C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL132W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL163CRAD5442Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL183CMND142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL230C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL251CHFM142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGL261C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGR006WPRP1842Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YGR045C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHL025WSNF642Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHL042W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR002WLEU542Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR006WSTP242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR105W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR157WREC10442Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR210C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YHR212C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIL006W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIL028W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIL086C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIL163C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIL171WHXT1242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YIR015WRPR242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YJL037W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YJR004CSAG142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YJR157W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YKR105C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLL065W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR004C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR030W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR037CDAN242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR094CGIS342Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR122C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR124W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR140W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YLR462W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR111C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR165CSMP242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR182CRGM142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR316C-B42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR320W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YMR323W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YNL116W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YNL196CSLZ142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YNL314WDAL8242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YNL335W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YOR077WRTS242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YOR351CMEK142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YOR363CPIP242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YOR380WRDR142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YOR388CFDH142Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YPL133CRDS242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YPL276WFDH242Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YPL278C42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YPR153W42Unkown (sub-telomeric)
YBR062C43Unknown genes I
YBR111CYSA143Unknown genes I
YBR137W43Unknown genes I
YCR004CYCP443Unknown genes I
YDR031W43Unknown genes I
YDR248C43Unknown genes I
YER058WPET11743Unknown genes I
YER143WDDI143Unknown genes I
YER175CTMT143Unknown genes I
YFR003C43Unknown genes I
YFR014CCMK143Unknown genes I
YGL047W43Unknown genes I
YGR044CRME143Unknown genes I
YGR111W43Unknown genes I
YGR130C43Unknown genes I
YGR213CRTA143Unknown genes I
YHL036WMUP343Unknown genes I
YHL044W43Unknown genes I
YHR008CSOD243Unknown genes I
YJL016W43Unknown genes I
YJR025CBNA143Unknown genes I
YJR059WPTK243Unknown genes I
YKL067WYNK143Unknown genes I
YKL201CMNN443Unknown genes I
YLL009CCOX1743Unknown genes I
YLR168C43Unknown genes I
YLR205CHMX143Unknown genes I
YLR257W43Unknown genes I
YLR423CAPG1743Unknown genes I
YMR009W43Unknown genes I
YNL241CZWF143Unknown genes I
YOL032W43Unknown genes I
YOL117WRRI243Unknown genes I
YOL119CMCH443Unknown genes I
YOR059C43Unknown genes I
YOR185CGSP243Unknown genes I
YBR077C44Unknown genes II
YBR255W44Unknown genes II
YDR090C44Unknown genes II
YDR186C44Unknown genes II
YDR196C44Unknown genes II
YDR244WPEX544Unknown genes II
YDR288W44Unknown genes II
YER040WGLN344Unknown genes II
YER051W44Unknown genes II
YFR040WSAP15544Unknown genes II
YGL002WERP644Unknown genes II
YGL190CCDC5544Unknown genes II
YGR133WPEX444Unknown genes II
YHR194W44Unknown genes II
YJL093CTOK144Unknown genes II
YJR061W44Unknown genes II
YLR266CPDR844Unknown genes II
YML068WITT144Unknown genes II
YNL101W44Unknown genes II
YOL025WLAG244Unknown genes II
YOL116WMSN144Unknown genes II
YOR148CSPP244Unknown genes II
YOR244WESA144Unknown genes II
YPL132WCOX1144Unknown genes II
YPL140CMKK244Unknown genes II
YPL202CAFT244Unknown genes II
YPL214CTHI644Unknown genes II
YPR049CCVT944Unknown genes II
YPR199CARR144Unknown genes II
YAL055WPEX2245Unknown genes III
YBL086C45Unknown genes III
YBR036CCSG245Unknown genes III
YBR179CFZO145Unknown genes III
YCL033C45Unknown genes III
YCL034WLSB545Unknown genes III
YCL049C45Unknown genes III
YCR079W45Unknown genes III
YDL020CRPN445Unknown genes III
YDL197CASF245Unknown genes III
YEL049WPAU245Unknown genes III
YER004W45Unknown genes III
YER095WRAD5145Unknown genes III
YFL068W45Unknown genes III
YFR029WPTR345Unknown genes III
YGL046W45Unknown genes III
YGL072C45Unknown genes III
YGL165C45Unknown genes III
YHL031CGOS145Unknown genes III
YIL154CIMP2'45Unknown genes III
YJL152W45Unknown genes III
YJL219WHXT945Unknown genes III
YJR019CTES145Unknown genes III
YJR159WSOR145Unknown genes III
YKL038WRGT145Unknown genes III
YKR017C45Unknown genes III
YLL029W45Unknown genes III
YLR219WMSC345Unknown genes III
YLR326W45Unknown genes III
YLR350WORM245Unknown genes III
YMR068WAVO245Unknown genes III
YMR262W45Unknown genes III
YNL097CPHO2345Unknown genes III
YNL322CKRE145Unknown genes III
YNR036C45Unknown genes III
YOR358WHAP545Unknown genes III
YPR013C45Unknown genes III
YPR093C45Unknown genes III
YPR192WAQY145Unknown genes III
YBL029W46Mixed II
YBL048W46Mixed II
YBR076WECM846Mixed II
YBR157CICS246Mixed II
YCR098CGIT146Mixed II
YDL200CMGT146Mixed II
YDL218W46Mixed II
YDL244WTHI1346Mixed II
YDR223W46Mixed II
YDR262W46Mixed II
YDR275W46Mixed II
YDR313CPIB146Mixed II
YDR530CAPA246Mixed II
YER039CHVG146Mixed II
YER096WSHC146Mixed II
YFL021WGAT146Mixed II
YFL058WTHI546Mixed II
YGL045W46Mixed II
YGL192WIME446Mixed II
YGL205WPOX146Mixed II
YGR042W46Mixed II
YGR102C46Mixed II
YGR110W46Mixed II
YHR159W46Mixed II
YHR160CPEX1846Mixed II
YIL024C46Mixed II
YIL146CECM3746Mixed II
YJL185C46Mixed II
YJR156CTHI1146Mixed II
YKL162C46Mixed II
YKL178CSTE346Mixed II
YKR106W46Mixed II
YLL056C46Mixed II
YLR156W46Mixed II
YLR159W46Mixed II
YLR161W46Mixed II
YLR246WERF246Mixed II
YLR254C46Mixed II
YML087C46Mixed II
YMR056CAAC146Mixed II
YMR114C46Mixed II
YMR118C46Mixed II
YMR252C46Mixed II
YNL202WSPS1946Mixed II
YNL203C46Mixed II
YOL055CTHI2046Mixed II
YOR186W46Mixed II
YPL280W46Mixed II
YPR001WCIT346Mixed II
YPR005CHAL146Mixed II
YPR061C46Mixed II
YPR193CHPA246Mixed II
YBL040CERD247Mixed III
YBR007C47Mixed III
YBR011CIPP147Mixed III
YBR080CSEC1847Mixed III
YBR096W47Mixed III
YBR159W47Mixed III
YCL055WKAR447Mixed III
YCR002CCDC1047Mixed III
YDR071C47Mixed III
YDR158WHOM247Mixed III
YDR209C47Mixed III
YDR210W47Mixed III
YDR266C47Mixed III
YDR353WTRR147Mixed III
YDR519WFPR247Mixed III
YFR044C47Mixed III
YGL026CTRP547Mixed III
YGR037CACB147Mixed III
YHL034CSBP147Mixed III
YHR027CRPN147Mixed III
YHR123WEPT147Mixed III
YHR163WSOL347Mixed III
YHR179WOYE247Mixed III
YHR183WGND147Mixed III
YJL167WERG2047Mixed III
YJL171C47Mixed III
YJL196CELO147Mixed III
YJR139CHOM647Mixed III
YKL073WLHS147Mixed III
YKL104CGFA147Mixed III
YKR061WKTR247Mixed III
YLR301W47Mixed III
YLR354CTAL147Mixed III
YMR062CECM4047Mixed III
YNL043C47Mixed III
YNL192WCHS147Mixed III
YNL320W47Mixed III
YOL049WGSH247Mixed III
YPL010WRET347Mixed III
YPL091WGLR147Mixed III
YPR159WKRE647Mixed III
YBL026WLSM248Mixed IV
YBR010WHHT148Mixed IV
YBR162W-AYSY648Mixed IV
YBR175WSWD348Mixed IV
YCR020CPET1848Mixed IV
YDR086CSSS148Mixed IV
YDR224CHTB148Mixed IV
YDR451CYHP148Mixed IV
YDR528WHLR148Mixed IV
YER072WVTC148Mixed IV
YER148WSPT1548Mixed IV
YGR020CVMA748Mixed IV
YGR082WTOM2048Mixed IV
YHR005C-AMRS1148Mixed IV
YHR046CINM148Mixed IV
YHR063CPAN548Mixed IV
YHR162W48Mixed IV
YIL118WRHO348Mixed IV
YJL145WSFH548Mixed IV
YJR054W48Mixed IV
YKL106WAAT148Mixed IV
YLL054C48Mixed IV
YLR272CYCS448Mixed IV
YLR285W48Mixed IV
YML105CSEC6548Mixed IV
YML125C48Mixed IV
YMR010W48Mixed IV
YMR038CLYS748Mixed IV
YMR177WMMT148Mixed IV
YNL149C48Mixed IV
YOR149CSMP348Mixed IV
YOR232WMGE148Mixed IV
YOR281CPLP248Mixed IV
YPR048WTAH1848Mixed IV
YPR125W48Mixed IV
YBR003WCOQ150Missing values
YBR296CPHO8950Missing values
YDL036C50Missing values
YDL037C50Missing values
YDL130WRPP1B50Missing values
YDL131WLYS2150Missing values
YDL182WLYS2050Missing values
YDL206W50Missing values
YDL207WGLE150Missing values
YDL208WNHP250Missing values
YDL210WUGA450Missing values
YDL212WSHR350Missing values
YDL217CTIM2250Missing values
YEL065WSIT150Missing values
YER091CMET650Missing values
YGL055WOLE150Missing values
YHL047CARN250Missing values
YHR094CHXT150Missing values
YHR136CSPL250Missing values
YIL066CRNR350Missing values
YIL069CRPS24B50Missing values
YIL070CMAM3350Missing values
YIL072WHOP150Missing values
YIL075CRPN250Missing values
YIL076WSEC2850Missing values
YJL194WCDC650Missing values
YJR048WCYC150Missing values
YJR109CCPA250Missing values
YKL043WPHD150Missing values
YLR136CTIS1150Missing values
YLR214WFRE150Missing values
YMR011WHXT250Missing values
YMR117CSPC2450Missing values
YMR120CADE1750Missing values
YNL036WNCE10350Missing values
YOR303WCPA150Missing values
YOR304C-A50Missing values