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Modules by Regulators

Below is a list of all modules by regulators.

AFR143Unknown genes I36
ALPHA21Respiration and carbon regulation55
APG144Unknown genes II29
BAS15Glycolysis and Folding37
BCY139Protein folding23
BCY127Cell wall and transport I23
BMH15Glycolysis and Folding37
BMH139Protein folding23
BMH237Proteasome and Endocytosis31
CDC1420TFs I53
CDC1430Cell cycle (G2/M)30
CDC4238Protein modification and trafficking62
CLB130Cell cycle (G2/M)30
CLB531Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism71
CMK133Mitochondrial and Signaling87
CMK12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling64
CMK11Respiration and carbon regulation55
CNB147Mixed III41
CUP937Proteasome and Endocytosis31
ECM225Glycolysis and Folding37
FAR130Cell cycle (G2/M)30
FKH148Mixed IV35
GAC14Energy and Osmotic stress II42
GAC16Galactose metabolism4
GAC11Respiration and carbon regulation55
GAL46Galactose metabolism4
GAT19AA metabolism I39
GAT18Nitrogen catabolite repression29
GAT124Sporulation and TFs74
GAT111AA and purine metabolism53
GCN205Glycolysis and Folding37
GCN2036ER and Nuclear79
GCN2024Sporulation and TFs74
GCN2047Mixed III41
GCN2046Mixed II52
GCN2042Unkown (sub-telomeric)82
GIS133Mitochondrial and Signaling87
GIS131Cell cycle, TFs and DNA metabolism71
GIS118TFs and RNA processing59
GIS117DNA and RNA processing77
HAP410AA metabolism II37
HAP41Respiration and carbon regulation55
HRT137Proteasome and Endocytosis31
IME416RNA Processing and Cell Cycle59
IME49AA metabolism I39
IME437Proteasome and Endocytosis31
IME432Cell cycle and general TFs64
KAR445Unknown genes III39
KIN823Energy and Osmotic stress I31
KIN8228Cell wall and Transport II63
KIN822Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling64
KRE3515mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing43
KSP120TFs I53
MCM120TFs I53
MET1819TFs and nuclear transport48
MRF1'35Trafficking and Mitochondrial87
MSN426Sporulation and Cell wall78
MSN428Cell wall and Transport II63
MSN41Respiration and carbon regulation55
NOT336ER and Nuclear79
PLP28Nitrogen catabolite repression29
PPH318TFs and RNA processing59
PPH313Mixed I28
PPT116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle59
PPT114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism32
PPT114Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism32
PPT115mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing43
PPT119TFs and nuclear transport48
PPT12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling64
PPT143Unknown genes I36
PPT117DNA and RNA processing77
PTC338Protein modification and trafficking62
PTC322TFs, cell wall and mating39
RAS213Mixed I28
RSC334Mitochondrial and Protein fate37
SDS2235Trafficking and Mitochondrial87
SDS2234Mitochondrial and Protein fate37
SHO148Mixed IV35
SHP127Cell wall and transport I23
SIP214Ribosomal and phosphate metabolism32
SIP225Sporulation and cAMP pathway59
SIP246Mixed II52
SKO140Oxidative stress I15
TOS87Snf kinase regulated processes74
TOS846Mixed II52
TOS841Oxidative stress II15
TPK133Mitochondrial and Signaling87
TPK135Trafficking and Mitochondrial87
TPK13Energy and Osmotic stress I31
TPK12Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling64
TPK117DNA and RNA processing77
TPK216RNA Processing and Cell Cycle59
TPK215mRNA, rRNA and tRNA processing43
TUP136ER and Nuclear79
UGA310AA metabolism II37
UME132Cell cycle and general TFs64
UME147Mixed III41
USV138Protein modification and trafficking62
USV116RNA Processing and Cell Cycle59
USV14Energy and Osmotic stress II42
USV17Snf kinase regulated processes74
USV139Protein folding23
USV119TFs and nuclear transport48
USV126Sporulation and Cell wall78
USV125Sporulation and cAMP pathway59
USV129Cell differentiation41
USV129Cell differentiation41
USV128Cell wall and Transport II63
WSC44Energy and Osmotic stress II42
XBP110AA metabolism II37
XBP125Sporulation and cAMP pathway59
XBP132Cell cycle and general TFs64
XBP13Energy and Osmotic stress I31
XBP145Unknown genes III39
XBP11Respiration and carbon regulation55
YAP140Oxidative stress I15
YAP140Oxidative stress I15
YAP64Energy and Osmotic stress II42
YAP67Snf kinase regulated processes74
YAP626Sporulation and Cell wall78
YER184C33Mitochondrial and Signaling87
YER184C2Energy, osmolarity and cAMP signaling64
YJL103C36ER and Nuclear79
YPK129Cell differentiation41
YPK134Mitochondrial and Protein fate37
YPK239Protein folding23