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Carlos Guestrin


At Stanford, I was a Teaching Assistant for:

bulletCS 221 - Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques (Fall 1999);
bulletCS 326a - Motion Planning (Winter 2000);
bulletCS 528 - Broad Area Colloquium for Artificial Intelligence,
Geometry, Graphics, Robotics and Vision (Fall, Winter, Spring 1999 - 2000).


Educational Robotics:

bulletAt Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute (December 1996 - January 1998), I collaborated with Illah Nourbakhsh on designing classes using robots as teaching aids for middle and high school levels. (more information here, or you can check out sample class exercises of Middle School level) .


At the University of São Paulo, I was a Teaching Assistant for:

bulletLinear Algebra (1st semester 1995, 1st semester 1996); 
bulletNumerical Analysis (2nd semester 1995, 2nd semester 1996);


At Logus Informática, São Paulo (1996): 

bulletDesigned course and exercises for Microsoft Excel class;
bulletWrote textbook for Microsoft Excel class.

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