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About me...

In June 1996 I received my BA in STS (Science, Technology, and Society) at Stanford University, and then in June 1997 I received my MA in History, also at Stanford. Now I am working on my MS in Computer Science, concentrating in Human-Computer Interaction. At Stanford.

Here is my current resume.

I'm also involved in the Stanford Tae Kwon Do club.

For those of you who attended our recent wedding, here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Some Projects

o"It's Not the End of the World: Agency and Identity in Historical (Con)Texts"
oStanford TaeKwonDo
oIntroduction to Material Culture
oThe Luce Symposium "Genetics and the Human Genome Project: Where Scientific and Public Cultures Meet"



oProfessor Paul Edwards.
oProfessor Joan Fujimura
oProfessor Gabrielle Hecht
oSu Chong Myong, one Godparent of my cat, DooBoo
oJong Yoon Lee, the other Godparent of my cat, DooBoo

My Family

oKyong-Sok Chang
oJonathan Lee (his own page)
oJason and Jonathan -- my representation of them
oGrace Lee
oKenneth Lee
oConrad Kong
oDooBoo Cat
oPoDo Cat


oThe Stanford Assitant Mobile Manipulator
o Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World
o National Center for History in the Schools
o Yahoo Individual Cats
o Richard Montgomery High School
o "Theory"

Science, Technology, and Society

o Technoscience: the newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S).
o Cornell's STS Program
o Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science
o Worldwide Guide to Science Studies Programmes
o Virginia Tech Science and Technology Studies

Generally Useful and Fun Things

oRGB Hex Triplet Color Chart
oEvidence that CS people have no lives
oclock struck thirteen
oNational Shuffleboarder's Homepage
oBerekely Martial Arts Page

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