Prof. Kenneth Salisbury

Depts. of Computer Science and Surgery

Gates Building,  Room 138

353 Serra Mall

Stanford CA 94305-9010


Interests:  Intelligent Wearable Robotics, Robotics, Haptics, Computer-Aided Surgery, Human-Machine Interaction, Simulation-based Training, Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Design.


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P.S. This web page, and those to which it links, are quite out of date – there are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with our teams’ output – maybe someday we’ll give this webpage a proper update … meanwhile, if you google combinations of Salisbury, hands, robotics haptics, personal robotics, surgical simulation, PR-2, WAM, etc. you’ll find more interesting and up-to-date links; will lead you to some of our work and visiting will lead you to the most recent spinout from our lab. All the best, Ken.