remote driving with force feedback


The most difficult aspect of remote driving is that the operator is usually limited to visual information (e.g., camera video) for perception. Consequently, the operator often fails to understand the remote environment and makes judgement errors. This problem is most acute when precise motion is required, such as maneuvering in cluttered spaces or approaching a target. The HapticDriver addresses this problem by providing force feedback to the operator. Range sensor information is transformed to spatial forces using a linear model and then displayed to the operator using a Haptic Device. Thus, the Haptic Driver enables the operator to feel the remote environment and to better performance precise driving tasks.

Novel Intefaces for Remote Driving: Gesture, Haptic and PDA, T. Fong, F. Conti, S. Grange, and C. Baur, SPIE Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies VII, Boston, MA, November 2000.