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The first autonomous soccer robot competition was organised by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Taejon, Korea. During this first event which was hold in 1996, 30 teams from all over the world participated to the event.

The soccer matches were played by two teams, each consisting of three robots. The duration of the game was two equal periods of 5 minutes each. The size of each robot was limited to a cube 7,5 cm side playing on a dark green field of dimension 130 cm X 90 cm, using a orange golf ball. Each robot was fully independent, with power and motor self-contained. A video camera was mounted above the soccer field and viewed the whole game area. Rectangular markers on each robot described their position and orientation. A computer was used to analyse the images, extract the robots positions and processed the strategy. Orders were then sent to the soccer players using a wireless connection.

A Fast Vision System for Mobile Soccer Robots
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