robotic catheter system

The extensive know-how of surgeons is often limited by their primary tool – namely, their hands. Similarly, robots are capable of a precision and dexterity that is significantly beyond that of the human hand. Robots, however, cannot carry out surgery – they need to be controlled by surgeons.

By controlling the surgical tools (mounted on a robot) via an OMEGA Haptic Device, surgeons get the best of both worlds. They are fully in control of the surgical procedures, but they benefit from the precision and scaling ability of the robotic tools. As an added benefit, the computer controlling the robot can add haptic guidance information to prevent unwanted tool behavior, or to locally enhance the tool precision.

The Sensei™ Robotic Catheter System uses computed catheter technology to provide stable and predictable control of catheter movement. This innovative technology is designed to provide fine guide catheter control in three dimensions, to enhance the physician's ability to access hard to reach anatomy, repeat procedure steps, and maintain stability during interventional procedures.